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samsingh's Journal
samsingh's Journal
November 24, 2020

Trump was right about voting fraud - it was unprecedented in the election

Traitor trump did everything he could to destroy he vote including:

- destroying the post office and slowing mail in battleground states specifically in blue areas
- suppressing the vote in neighborhoods of color
- changing voting rules at the last minute (e.g. Texas deciding to have 1 drop off box serving a 100 miles in a blue county)
- having his rabid supporters show up with guns at polling sites to intimidate
- openly inviting foreign interference
- not allowing the intelligence services stop foreign election interference
- who knows what secrets he shared
- encouraging his supporters to risk their lives and show up in person at polls, knowing the Democratic leaders would try to keep Americans safe
- running illegal rings to disenfranchise blue state voters
- threatening anyone with the power of the office who did not agree with him
- meeting with gop canvassers and others responsible for certifying the vote
- having phantom candidates in florida to steal votes from Democrats
- having Kanye West run to steal Black votes, but Kanye was useless and should go away entirely

We better get our act together and start yelling these incidents out. I have no idea why we are not yelling this shit on every TV program and ad.

And more that we don't even know of - and yet we won. So the actual support for traitor trump is much less than Biden.

November 23, 2020

when did Republicans become such cowards and traitors

I always believed, if nothing else, that republicans leaders were hawks when it came to American power and security. I felt they didn't care what happened to the average American or how many people were killed by guns. However, i thought there was a line at national security and were brave at that point. Boy was i wrong.

When did repug leaders and i would say many of their supporters become cowards and lovers of foreign enemies?

November 19, 2020

How do we protect our Democracy?

Regardless of the fact that we managed to vote Trump out of office, i think the country just had a near death experience. Democracy only barely survived. A few thousand votes here and there and the outcome would have been different and then there was nothing standing in the way of trump and his miserable senate enablers from dismantling the remaining Democratic institutions in the country.

How do we reengage and protect our Democracy? We should'nt have to worry that the next repug president will again try to dismantle Democracy. Can we never have another republican president? In fact, are repug Senators just waiting to destroy Democracy?

November 18, 2020

Biden must rehire/promote all the Patriots that did the right thing and were hurt by trump

i'm thinking Patriots like:

Capt. Brett Crozier
Amb. Marie Yovanovitch
Colonel Vindman

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