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very liberal and progressive

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There was fraud in the 2020 Presidential election - it was perpetrated by trump and the repugs

However, support for Biden was strong enough to withstand the trump and repug assault on Democracy. We should stop saying that there was no fraud - there was. The repugs tried to dismantle the post office, suppress voters, eliminate registrations, use covid to scare progressives from voting, intimidation at the polls and the poll workers. They did a lot to create a fraudulent result but failed. That doesn't mean they didn't try.

Anderson Cooper keeps letting Santorum spew lies without being challenged

Anderson Cooper is useless. First he can't get to a question, he just rambles forever like a fool. Then he never challenges santorum's lies head on. Neither do his useless guests like Van Jones and David axolrod. Both of them sit their asses in their chairs shake their heads but NEVER say - stop lying santorum - show us proof there were voting problems from the Democrats. Show me where a Democrat openly asked Russians for help? The fraud santorum is where trump destroyed the post office, threatened voters, colluded with foreign countries.
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