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very liberal and progressive

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Being On Guard and Vigilant

I completely support being on guard and vigilant. Repugs are going to suppress the vote and i think steal the election if they could. HOWEVER, a majority of EV are in Democratic states or States with Democratic Governors or States that have Biden way ahead. It would be difficult to steal all those.

And the article is contradictory. If votes are being stolen to throw the election (which i think would be impossible to do across all the States) then why would trump need to use the 12th amendment. Also, i'm not sure how the 12th amendment applies here.
Again, trump loses power on Jan 20th so any crap or confusion he stirs up won't mean anything unless it concludes before then.

The protests have shown us that the country is on edge and not willing to be disenfranchised any longer. The military has shown that they do not want to be used for political means. Get out the vote and get the repugs out because who knows what institutions will be left after another 4 years. We'll have barr like traitors and thiefs everywhere.
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