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samsingh's Journal
samsingh's Journal
September 28, 2020

the issue is not that traitor trump paid no taxes - that only gets his stupid base more excited

it makes them believe that traitor trump is screwing other americans, which is fine by the magats.

However, the real message is that traitor trump is a failed businessman who is not a billionaire and is losing money every year. He is not good for the economy and he is not a good negotiator. He's also LIED on his taxes. And he's paid no federal taxes.

September 15, 2020

Green party is anti-environment

Like pro-life really means pro-death
GOP means anti-American, pro-traitor
Law and order means white supremacy and repugs get away with any crime

The Green party is now an anti-environment party at the leadership level in any case. They seem to relish being spoilers and letting conservatives and repugs values win all around the world. The Green Party has allowed repugs like Bush and Trump into office at the expense of Democratic candidates that would have been much better for the environment.

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