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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 17,370

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very liberal and progressive

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In my opinion we need to keep reminding everyone that Republicans are the cult of death

Many of their leaders and supporters

- hate America.

- they lie

- they traffic children for sex

- they have sex with underaged victims

- they will work with foreign adversaries for money or influence

- they would rather serve Putin than anyone in America who isn't as rabid crazy as they are

- they would rather tell there supporters to not take precautions to save their own lives

- they will watch fox news hosts who lie about covid and give advice that risks the lives of their own supporters and other people in general

- they have to be hypocrites and idiots. A BLM demonstration in Florida is evil, but a Cuban one is perfectly okay.

- they are racist. Black and Brown lives don't matter to them.

- everyone has a right to a gun, but not the right to vote

- they are complete cowards - send other children to fight but dodge every draft themselves

republicans are the lowest of the low at this point in time. Cringeworthy, treacherous filth.
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