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I updated my candidate preference early.

I said I wasn't going to do this until all the Primaries were over and it was clear which candidate is the choice of the largest number of Democratic Party voters.

Of course, I said that a long time ago- nearly a year ago, IIRC.

Who I would have voted for in my state's primary is no longer relevant.

(Reminder: Voting in your state's primary is STILL IMPORTANT, if it hasn't happened already! There are other contests than the Presidential ticket to determine and your voice matters.)

I am thrilled that we have a candidate as experienced, compassionate, and competent as Joe Biden to head our ticket. I am thrilled that so many brilliant Democratic public servants participated in the primary race and gave us a chance to get to know them.

I am grateful to ALL of the primary candidates for the attention they brought to issues that matter to us and to our Party. While the current existential threat may force some hard choices and difficult prioritizing, none of those issues should (or, I suspect, will) be forgotten in the long run.

I am a proud and delighted Biden voter and I hope that we can now unite strongly behind Joe and his Veeper pick, and kick the toxic death cult that the GOP has become, to the curb in November.

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