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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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It's time for some swinging in the lounge, baby.

Not that type of swinging! This kind:

Smart Cat

"I can't figure out how to get into the cupboard! Can you help me?"

If the Superbowl sucks, don't blame NYers

We didn't ask for it to be here. Okay. So don't post shit about how NYers ruined the Superbowl. Capiche?

Carry on.

I am attracted to nerdy women.

I just realized this. The majority of women that I have had deep feelings for all have been nerdy.

Elmer Fudd Explains Capitalism.

It's such an old, quaint notion. It'll make you cry over lost innocence.

Right now on HBO, "We Bought A Zoo", on HBOz "Promised Land", and on HBO Signature, "Behind the...


Someone at HBO has a serious thing for Matt Damon.

Maybe I'm waaay wrong on this, but aren't married women the biggest consumers of birth control?

esp. married women with children???

IOW, it's not the Republican mythological single woman running around having sex willy nilly. Rather, it's married women who have sex on a regular basis with their husbands that use birth control more, esp. when they have kids and don't want to have more.

I apologize if I am wrong.

If you knew a woman from Columbia and she smiled because you did not understand

then she held out some marijuana and said it was the best in all the land.

And you said, "No?!", then you are stupid.

Should there be a guaranteed national income?

I say, Yes. Emphatically so. Look, we already pay millions of Americans a federal income. We just disguise it as something else like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, defense jobs, etc. Why not just pay everyone a basic salary every year and be done with it.

In addition, automation will soon replace most jobs any way. For example, soon cars and trucks will drive themselves. Millions of Americans dependent on driving as a vocation will suddenly become obsolete. Software has already made millions of clerical positions obsolete. Even most fast food and WalMart jobs will be automated.

What can't be auotmated will be out-sourced overseas to cheaper labor markets.

We're entering a world without work and a guaranteed national income is the only logical conclusion.
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