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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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Basset hounds hard at work.

After a hard day of howling at something outside of the window, the three laborers end their day. Their contentment shields their anxiety for there's talk of automation coming to the howling business. Robots can howl all day without water or treats.

Where's Ivanka on the climate change treaty?

Where is her influence? Wasn't she supposed to moderate Trump?

How Many Basset Hounds Can Fit on a Couch?

Let's find out:

Wanna feel old? Dusty Baker's son graduated high school today.

You remember him:

Game of Thrones Official Trailer

Oh hells yeah!!!

Nothing good has come from Bush's war. Not Bush II's war but Bush I's war.

Think about it. The Gulf War of 1990 has lead directly to the 9/11 attacks, the Afghanistan war, the Iraq invasion and occupation, Bin Laden, Al Qeda, ISIL, more terrorist attacks in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

All of this because Saddam invaded Kuwait. Something that we could have solved with diplomacy.

As long as we have laser pointers, we have no fear of a feline takeover

My choice for the best actor to play Trump in a movie.

This guy:

Corgis makes it all better. No need to cry

I would love to see a movie about the Beatles in the immediate years after their break up

Maybe even a Netflix or HBO series. I think that their individual lives, their post-Beatles music, the zeitgeist of the 1970s, all of that makes for a fascinating drama.

Don't you think?
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