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Bulldog goes on a diet and is not happy about it.

So, what is the Republican agenda going forward?

Okay, they've cut taxes. Now what? What's next? What do they want to do with all of the power that they have? I really haven't seen nor heard any agenda at all. What are they working on? What are they doing all day?

Red Sox have the highest payroll. Yankees are 7th.

I guess the Evil Empire is now in Boston.

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Yankees are on track to open the season this week with baseball’s seventh-highest payroll, their lowest ranking since 1992, according to projections by The Associated Press.

The Boston Red Sox will top the major leagues at about $223 million, ending the Los Angeles Dodgers’ four-year run as the top spender. San Francisco will be second at around $203 million, and the Chicago Cubs are set to be third at about $183 million.

The Dodgers and Washington Nationals will each be at approximately $180 million, and the Los Angeles Angels will be next at about $170 million. The Yankees will be at around $167 million — their lowest payroll since 2003.


Gary Hart, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, and Al Franken

All tough, strong Liberals that fought for our cause with passion and conviction, but we discarded them from the party outright. Yet, none of them did anything close to what Trump has done, and is doing.

Meanwhile on Fox News' website....

March? What march? Is there a march?


Here's why this is important. When you call yourself a news organization, you have to cover the news. When you don't cover a massive, nationwide protest because it conflicts with your ideology, then you're not a news organization. You are a propaganda organization, and other members of traditional media need to start treating them as such. Stop giving them the imprimatur of being a news organization. Stop giving them credibility. Treat them as propaganda.

To add, when the Tea Party protested, CNN and MSNBC covered those smaller marches.

I'm sorry. I don't feel sorry for Melania. Not one bit.

She knew who she was marrying. She knew what he was and what he did in his 2 previous marriages.

Elections have consequences. Grave, deadly consequences.

After today, I am more angry at the folks who did not vote and the folks who voted 3rd party in protest than Republicans. Blood is on your hands.

Yes, we should show Trump voters respect. We do it by standing in our truth and expressing our...

values, not pandering to them like Trump and Fox News does. Look them in the eye and say why we support diversity and the benefits that it brings. Look them in the eye and tell them why coal jobs are not coming back any time soon. Look them in the eye and tell them people who look different from them, love different from them, and worship different from them are not their enemies, they are your neighbors.

If they want to forever live in some kind make believe world from way back when, then so be it. We're the party of the present and the future and we have nothing to apologize for. If we have to move ahead without them, then so be it because the world is moving on without them whether Trump is the president or not.

In a shocker, Putin wins with 73% of the vote.

The shock is that it wasn't 100%. I guess that 27% of Russian voters are in hiding some where.


How would this country be different if the American Revolution failed?

Interesting thought experiment.

--On Edit--

I've read that the British Empire would have been even more powerful in the world.

--Second Edit---
Excuse the multiple edits. Having a bad grammar day.
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