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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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You vote in America to protect your interests. You organize movements to advance your interests.

Copyright Yavin4 2018.

People confuse with voting with advancement. No, voting is primarily to protect the progress that you've already made. When you want to progress further, that's where you get involved in movements that work to advance your interests by putting pressure on the politicians, the corporations, and the courts to enact change.

Mueller: "If you're having legal problems, I feel bad for ya son. I got 49 questions but money....

laundering aint one".

So, I'm studying Gaussian Mixture Models and lo and behold....

Today is Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss' birthday. Imagine that. What are the odds?

Trump got the comedian and satire that he deserved.

When I watched Michelle Wolf's monologue, I cringed somewhat thinking what if a comedian did this to Obama? What if they used really crude humor to roast him? I would indeed be upset, but here's the difference. Obama spoke to everyone, including his most ardent rivals, with dignity, grace, and most importantly respect. So, if a comedian went after him with the same type of satire that Michelle did to Trump, it would have been completely off-base.

However, Trump has treated everyone with utter contempt. He uses crude language on an almost daily basis. He attacks private citizens, even calling for them to be jailed. So, the satire that came back at him last night was indeed appropriate. In fact, the only way to truly roast him is to be as crude as he is.

Don't blame Michelle Wolf for creating this atmosphere. Credit her with bringing it to light.

Isn't the "Euro" step traveling?

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for series/movies finales (possible spoilers)

From my count, we'll be getting the final season of Game of Thrones. The final Avengers movie, and the final Star Wars trilogy. Am I missing something?

Hey, Walking Dead, take the hint.

Now that North and South Korea are coming together. Isn't it time for North and South Dakota to do

the same? Come on. Let's have just one Dakota, and no, Dakota Fanning does not count.

Question about Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILER ALERT)

Is Thanos right?

It's so damn easy to defeat Liberals in America.

It doesn't take much to split our focus or our attention. One photo and Franken is eliminated. Blog posts and Joy Reid is being eliminated. One email server and Hillary is eliminated.

Meanwhile, Republicans do much worse things and nothing happens to them. NOTHING.

Why? Because we cannot let things go and move forward.

If we split, Trump and the Republicans win. That's the only way they win.

Quite frankly, what someone may, or may not have written, on a blog post years ago is not nearly as important as the fight against Trump and his Republican enablers.

Keep your focus people.
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