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Member since: 2001
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Which candidate is running a positive campaign

a good article demonstrating how Hillary's campaign fulfills the promises made by Bernie. For me however, the best news came reading the comments - seems the new tone made many cross over

The Law firm Bernie uses to due the DNC is a Wall Street Law firm

It's located on Church street, few yards from the evil bankers, and the law suit is still active. Just wondering.

Why Sam Wang is not covering D primaries anymore

I've been looking forward to his forecasts as his reputation is even more sterling than Nate Silvers. But he's been doing 🐘 only. Yesterday, in a foot note, I finally discovered why http://election.princeton.edu/2016/03/05/more-of-the-same/
* Iím not going to write about Democrats. If we use the majority of pledged delegates as a criterion, the paint became dry as of South Carolina/Nevada. If one includes superdelegates in the count, Hillary Clinton started above the 50% criterion even before Iowa/New Hampshire and has not dipped below.
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