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Kavanaugh had no reservations in the questions for Bill Clinton

when they went after a consensual affair. Since he seems to be now reluctant to answer personal questions let's review his list in the new light of Tits and Clits and No means yes:

Also, from the article "“IS IT TOO GRAPHIC?” Kavanaugh asked in an Aug. 31, 1998 memo to Starr aides. “SHOULD IT BE MORE GRAPHIC (kidding)?”

What a bunch of Meatheads! NY Daily News cover today on the Trumps


General elections today, people! Special, but also general. VOTE!!!

I was the lone voter at my voting precinct at 8 PM, 2 h after polls opened. One hour later, my guy was the lone # 6. We are in the "totally woke" Greenwich Village of the many rallies and protests. If you don't show up to vote, not only may we get a Trump Nazi in out state assembly, but you are a posturing fake.
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