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About that "being a cop"

good article about her prosecutorial career

“It is obviously true that Kamala Harris was a prosecutor. Sending people to prison is quite literally in the job description. But she was not “tough on crime” — she was smart on crime, before it was the politically savvy stance to be that way.
She created the Back on Track program as a D.A., which reduced recidivism and wiped the record clean for successful members, and expanded it as Attorney General. Other counties emulated the program and it was eventually expanded into a state-wide law. Kamala also established the California Division of Recidivism Reduction and Re-Entry.”

How did abortion become the standard bearer of RW? Timely re-visit

Samantha Bee has a history lesson for us - spoiler - racism has become a bit too embarrassing as the flagship o, they had to come up with something else

Pelosi: "Be ready!" (for impeachment)

In spite if some simplistic takes here - mostly from the alt-left, Pelosi has the roadmap clear:

Why Nancy Pelosi is not declaring the start of impeachment

I personally believe she personally would want it. But she needs the votes of lmost every Dem - and we have the Hoyers, Moultons, Tim Ryans ey al who probably opposed She had a conference call with everyone and counted the votes. We need to keep calling all of them and not attack Pelosi.

There is a straw poll today at DK

you may want to visit it
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