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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,271

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OK, People, Butch the Fuck Up!

We KNEW things were going to break Hillary's way through the 15th and after that it breaks for us. So wipe the snot off yer face, dry your tears, have a glass (or 4) of wine because tomorrow we get back to work!


Just finished watching "The Barkley Marathon"

on Netflix. Very funny and unique. A documentary about a marathon in Tennessee in which (as of 2012), after 25 years, there had only been 10 people who finished. NOT a sports flick, just an interesting and funny little documentary.

If you haven't turned on MSM TV today, don't.

CNN, M$NBC and FOX are all about how Bernie sent his supporters to disrupt Trump's rallies and then got violent. Oy Vey! Poor Trump, apparently, fee fees are hurt and the MSM is carrying water for him.

We've been passing around this great Bernie resource

I thought people here might be interested in:


This one's probably going to get doinked but . . .

Someone used the word "sycophant" to describe Hillary supporters who turn a blind eye to her "gaffs" or justify the most egregious policy stances, behaviors (out-and-out lies) and associations (Kissinger, Cheney, Bushes) but it's deeper than that.

I remember when people in this country used to claim a Hitler could never come to power here in the U.S. Now, I'm not comparing Hillary to Hitler, BUT, the blind devotion is the same. That same glassy-eyed adoration completely ignoring her history, the GLARING warning signs of her foreign policy-for-profit, her war mongering, her disdain for everyday people and so much more. It's a blind loyalty that is reminiscent of dictators past. THAT'S why I cannot support her, under any circumstances.


New Bernie Video featuring African-Americans. Love it!

Just bought Paul McCartney tickets!

I am SO STOKED!!!!! Yes, I was a Beatlemaniac, thank you very much!

The disparities between the polling numbers and the actual numbers

is simple. Polling sampling was done with "Democratic voters." That's Hillary's base. Bernie's base is MUCH wider so Independents and Republicans didn't get polled and, since Michigan was an open primary state, those elements, in my opinion, were the difference. Well, that and Hillary's bald-face lies about Bernie voting "no" on the auto bailout and her word salad about fracking. Bernie absolutely nailed her on that one.

Saw the BEST bumper sticker today:

"Trump es chupacabra!"

Laughed my ass off!

Saw the BEST bumper sticker today:

"Trump es chupacabra!" Priceless.
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