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Solly Mack

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Gender: Do not display
Current location: Back of Beyond
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 84,215

About Me

Busy observing the group dynamics of dust bunnies.

Journal Archives

Traitor. Moron. Ignorance-induced cruelty. Idiot. Mass

murdering blowhard.

His delusions of grandeur are destroying the people, the environment, the country.

His capabilities don't reach the level of mediocrity much less competence.

He's a tool of hostile foreign governments and the tool of equally rabid right-wing ideologues.

His ego-driven, unstable personality has damaged American jurisprudence for decades to come.

His grasping need to be worshipped has fed the flagrant anti-intellectualism that infects America.

His depraved indifference to life, all life, outside his own, has resulted in decisions that have poisoned the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the ground we all walk on.

He is a fool and a charlatan.

He is a corrosive force with an insatiable appetite for tearing apart everything he touches.

His mockery of all things decent and good brings nothing but shame to the country.

He is arrogant without reason to be and he has been elevated beyond ability.

He is rot.

He is decay.

He is but a symptom of the pernicious ideology of white supremacy - made all the more fatal because of the office he holds.

His narcissistic messiah complex destroys the very freedoms he claims to cherish.

He is a liar, a buffoon, and a coward.

Unfit, unbearable, and unrepentantly indifferent to the world around him and the suffering he has caused.

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