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Well, alright. Since you asked.

I hope you won't be too awfully bored. I took some time in writing this.

How I came to be concerned about Larry Summers, and other economic team members of the modern presidents.

I've been long time concerned with the accelerating wealth-poverty gap in this country.
I first became aware and shocked by income disparity during Clinton administration. We didnt hear much about it then, but the great Molly Ivins was on it. I was influenced by her writing.

Its gotten worse since then, as you know. (or maybe you don't know, since you don't seem to find economic policy engaging.)
But it has gotten worse. Take my word for it, or better yet, read something. I can provide suggestions.

I was disappointed by Clinton's economic policies.
Through the GWBush administration, I was appalled to the point of nausea, at Bush's econ policies, and the merging of government and corporate interests. It seemed government was working solely on behalf of the likes of Haliburton, Enron, and big banks.
It was a horrible 8 years.

When the 2004 primaries rolled around, I was thrilled to hear one candidate repeatedly acknowledge the problem of income disparity and poverty. Thrilled! It was Edwards. My thrill was short-lived. Turns out Edwards was a Doosh-wad in his personal life. He apparently spent my campaign donation on a mansion for his concubine. I'm still mad!
But I digress.
When Edwards was out of the race, I turned my volunteering and donating efforts to candidate Obama. Though I didnt hear Obama the candidate address poverty specifically, he spoke of concern about the struggling middle class, and seemed to be interested in people over big businesses and banks. Seemed he said something about working for Main Street, not Wall Street. I was very happy to get behind Obama. I wanted and needed that Change I can Believe in!

When he was elected, I was euphoric. A victory for the people! A turn-around of an economy that was ripping this country in half between poor and rich.
But soon after, I was less than comfortable with some of the appointments he made. Vilscack , Geithner, Summers, Gates.
It looked like more of the same, and for the most part it has been.
Granted, Obama inherited the worse economy since 1929, so I was prepared for a long haul.
Subsequent opposition from Congress has been certainly slowing down the changes I was hoping for.

Those weren't things Obama could reasonably do anything about. But those appointments! Those oligarchs on the economic team were selected by Obama.

That has been disheartening to me.
So , finally, when it comes time for Obama to select a candidate to replace that out-going old corrupt Randian fuck, Ben Bernanke, I was acutely interested. 100% interested.

So. No. Interest in Obama's financial appointments is not merely my flavor of the week.

I hope I've held your attention, and that you didnt get bored.

Thank you for reading and considering my views.

Now you can go to the Bog, and swap Obama trading cards , or whatever it is you all do there that takes so much time away from being concerned about the nation's economy.

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