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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,372

Journal Archives

The WordPress Re-Installment That DIDN'T Happen

Went to my WordPress blog home page -- was greeted with their "white screen of death":

Never got a "site admin email."

Rounded up the usual suspects -- the plugins and the databases -- but they both "tested clean."

It looked like I'd have to do a complete re-install. But it's been years since my last one, and apparently the WordPress "famous five minute install" is now the stuff of ancient history.

I decided that the smartest route to take was via the latest edition of the WordPress installment instructions. One of their very first instructions? "PHP 7.4 or greater."

Consulted my Web host's PHP section. My account was set on PHP 7.3; my Web host's current maximum is PHP 8.1.

Two clicks later, my blog re-appeared: WordPress complete re-install NOT accomplished!!!


We didn't even ATTEMPT home hospice care

because it seemed to us that when it comes to babysitting terminally ill loved ones literally to death with no qualifications, no training, no job experience, and no pay -- well, what could possibly go wrong?

We said that if our mother did not yet qualify for hospital, nursing home, or hospice care, either they would provide her with 24 hours' worth of professional home health care, or we would provide her with a lawyer. She got the 24-hour home attendant care until she qualified for hospice.

My most sincere condolences for all your losses.


In the immortal words of Mrs. Slocombe

because Kyrie Irving isn't the only guilty party.

If he thought he could "get over" by posting the link to the movie WITHOUT comment, then it's wonderful that Irving got called on it. However, because the Nets/NBA have not also called out the creators of the movie by name, or criticized Amazon for selling it, Irving is justified in claiming a couple of cancel culture victim points.

Irving has since issued a more apologetic statement:

To All Jewish families and Communities that are hurt and affected from my post, I am deeply sorry to have caused you pain, and I apologize.

I initially reacted out of emotion to being unjustly labeled Anti-Semitic, instead of focusing on the healing process of my Jewish Brothers and Sisters that were hurt from the hateful remarks made in the Documentary.

I want to clarify any confusion on where I stand fighting against Anti- semticism by apologizing for posting the documentary without context and a factual explanation outlining the specific beliefs in the Documentary I agreed with and disagreed with.

I had no intentions to disrespect any Jewish cultural history regarding the Holocaust or perpetuate any hate. I am learning from this unfortunate event and hope we can find understanding between us all. I am no different than any other human being. I am a seeker of truth and knowledge, and I know who I Am.

Well, if Kyrie Irving wrote that, then I wrote the Talmud (and no wisecracks about my being old enough).


I am forever indebted to Lansbury for teaching me how to "run a Jessica Fletcher"

(the character she played on Murder She Wrote). She would never embarrass the professionally-trained and allegedly smarter detectives she'd work with by saying, "You didn't notice that the position of the body makes it obvious that the murderer is left-handed?" She would always say, "You noticed, OF COURSE, that the position of the body CLEARLY indicates that the murderer has to be left-handed..."

Example: Last month, I told my new landlord, "I figured that your not telling us that you'd be disconnecting the wifi was a security measure since you were installing surveillance cameras. Fortunately, I have a mobile hotspot account, which I can simply take out of next month's rent!" The wifi re-materialized within 48 hours...


Cyntoia wasn't wrongfully convicted. The evidence instantly gutted her claim

that she saw her victim reaching around underneath his side of the bed for what she feared was a gun: he was actually sound asleep with his back to her and BOTH his hands under his pillow. But I am happy for her nonetheless.

What was "wrongful" was the prosecution "making an example" of her rather than offering a plea deal for manslaughter, in which case she would have had the motivation to reform and been released by now anyway.


Was the table down or up when her head ended up on or against it? And did the perp KNOW

that her head was on/against the tray table on the back of his seat when he reclined it? He definitely acted unruly afterwards, and the airline should punish him for that ("international incident" or not). But I suspect that they and the FBI are both dragging their feet because ultimately, the initial bumping was simply an accident that she had caused: tray tables are not headrests.


Will be getting the booster (my third) within two weeks

I refuse to live in fear of getting Covid (particularly in view of my age) when getting vaccinated could minimize if not deflect it altogether; or to take the risk of spreading it via the traveling, socializing, and just plain living that I need to accomplish throughout the remainder of this year. In addition, getting the booster this soon will allow me to get my seasonal "common" flu vaccine "on schedule" at the end of October (in order to have the fullest-strength protection by January).



Reminds me of "Fat Axl-Gate"

Blabbermouth, June 2016: GUNS N' ROSES singer (Axl Rose) issued a DMCA takedown notice to Blogspot and GoogleUserContent demanding the image which shows Axl looking a little bloated during a 2010 gig in Canada be taken down as it infringes copyright...

Boris Minkevich at the Winnipeg Free Press, who took the original photograph, (says) he was unaware Axl had been trying to "cleanse the web" of his picture. Even though the photograph was taken by Minkevic...Web Sheriff, an anti-piracy company...claims he is not the copyright holder.

The company (said) in a statement..."We can gladly confirm that all official/accredited photographers at [Axl Rose] shows sign-off on 'Photography Permission' contracts/'Photographic Release' agreements which...specify and limit the manner in which the photos can be exploited and...transfer copyright ownership in such photos to [Axl Rose's] relevant service company...

"[If a photographer] was there and taking shots without permission or authority, then other considerations/factors would come into play as to what such individuals can and cannot do in terms of attempting to commercially exploit the resultant images of someone else's show..."

Minkevich could not recall if he signed any contracts...

Nice try -- but they're overlooking the facts that Minkevich got his "permission" to take the photos from the Winnipeg Free Press, and that is was they who so cruelly "exploited" Axl by publishing them under the "power and authority" of their editorial copyright. Even worse for Web Sheriff, that isn't even really the point.

This is really the point: neither Minkevich, his newspaper, nor any the search engines created these:

And their creators had every right to do so, because memes are a form of public free speech that do not violate any copyrights if they do not meet the standard of defamation, slander or obscenity (a lower standard if you're a public figure) and if their creators don't profit from them.

Axl "looked bloated" in the photos because he WAS bloated. And bullying the photographer when the Winnipeg Free Press was the closest thing to a culprit equates to stepping on a bug because the alternative is wrestling an alligator -- which might explain why the concert review including Minkevich's photos is STILL online 12 years later.


"OMG OMG OMG -- my BEST-paying photo gig EVERRRRRRR!"

"I don't know which of the bands who performed at the Dingbatz rock club in Clifton NJ on 4/3/2022 is responsible -- Brainwashed Youth or Seafox or Origami. But because this was left on the floor rather than given to me directly, I have no doubt that they all chipped in. So thanks, and that goes triple for all of them!

"I took this photo as a keepsake, of course -- and of course, I will be bypassing the teller machines at my bank to deposit my bounty IN PERSON first thing in the morning!"

Brainwashed Youth:




I don't always make GIFs. But when I do,

I will be grateful to Stephen Wilhite from now on.

GIFs "fostered" from my personal Web space to DU posts that got "adopted" by the official DU smiley list (the last one within 18 hours):


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