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Hometown: New Jersey
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Hands up who DIDN'T see this coming

The GOP Presidential Clown Car Tour is going exactly as planned. It started out "fair and balanced," complete with a woman and a minority competing. It was "openly competitive," with four different candidates holding the lead. And it winds down with Romney left standing, who coincidentally is also the GOP's choice.


In case they need their memories refreshed

Desperate for Supporters DeLay Turns to Stephen Colbert
The Interview

Westmoreland and the Ten Commandments

Westmoreland and the Ten Commandments II

Westmoreland and the Ten Commandments Aftermath

Steve Colbert is NOT a Rethug -- he just plays one on TV!!!


A Charlie Brown Christmas

via Outkast

Bon Jovi's I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas (now that Jon's not dead!)

Best Part of Christmas - American Angel

George Bush "It's A Blunderful Life" (Stephanie Miller Show)


Merry Christmas Week, you all!


"No license? No seat belt? No registration? No insurance? No passport? No work visa?"

"Then 'Merry Christmas' THIS, wetback!"



This just in: The temperature in hell has just hit a balmy 32 degrees Farenheit.

Well done, Time -- and I'd say that even if I hadn't voted.

They've made so many stupid and gutless calls over the years that ridiculing them has become one of my Christmastime traditions. When I voted, I also posted that they'd never vote for "You" a second time. Well, I hereby apologize to Time, and may it always feel this good to be proven wrong!


While their intentions are honorable, their priorities are out of whack

I applaud the couple's not wanting to have their next child "by accident." But I think it's WAY too soon for them to have another one given their financial situation and the economy in general.

Their annual outlay exceeds their annual intake by more than ten THOUSAND dollars -- THAT'S the problem they should be focusing on solving. Bolstering their security (both financially AND logistically) is to what they should be devoting the next few years.


Helpful Hint For The Day: If you should ever find yourself in court charged with attacking someone



Frum was an employee of the rightwing think tank American Enterprise Institute

who apparently had no problem with his writing this barely a week BEFORE the 2008 election:

(WashingtonPost.com, 10/26/2008)...(T)he McCain campaign has Palin-ized itself to make the most of its last asset...(T)he base has responded..(b)ut there's a downside: The very same campaign strategy that has belatedly mobilized the Republican core has alienated and offended the great national middle, which was the only place where the 2008 election could have been won.

I could pile up the poll numbers here, but frankly, it's too depressing...McCain's awful campaign is having awful consequences down the ballot...

But he was "terminated" by AEI just days after this was published about healthcare reform being passed:

(FrumForum.com, 3/21/2010) Conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s. Itís hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the disaster...A huge part of the blame...attaches to conservatives and Republicans ourselves...We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat...

Iíve been on a soapbox for months now about...(how)...our overheated talk...has made it impossible for representatives to represent and elected leaders to lead...Rush Limbaugh...said that he wanted President Obama to fail...What...is equally true is that he also wants Republicans to fail...If Republicans succeed...Rushís listeners get less angry. And if they are less angry, they listen to the radio less, and hear fewer ads...

Frum was free to criticize the "alternative-knowledge-system" -- and even in the voice of a moderate conservative -- as long as he wasn't criticizing the REAL system. Spitting in the eyes of McCain and Palin when he was supposed to be glorifying them wasn't grounds for termination; stepping on the toes of Limbaugh and the Rethug leadership was. And he's said that he's going to vote Republican no matter what anyway? I don't trust him any farther than I can throw an elephant. Cue the DU "Cry Me A River" String Quartet!

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