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"Does it really matter if an insurance company or the government provides the coverage

if the care is the same?"

The difference with paying the private health industry is that the difference fattens the pockets of its execs, lobbyists, and stockholders while they invent excuses for not covering people (or even paying their employees) so they can turn an even bigger profit.

I don't mind paying for health care, which is why your post does not offend me. However, I do mind paying to further enrich those who do NOT "trickle down" the money via "job creation." I'd rather spend it on preventing EVERYONE from getting sicker than they need to -- and dying sooner than they ought to.


DING DING DING! Spitfire, you're our grand prize winner!

What needed to happen was to make this guy an embarrassment to not only them but to the very concept of professional journalism.

Which Obama also did by refusing to take any additional questions once he was done: the military "if ONE of you has screwed up, then ALL OF YOU have screwed up" principal. Think of all the "evil eyes" Munro must have gotten after that -- even Fox News had to dump on him!

Liberals are at their best when they attack with humor because the Right Wing has no sense of humor.

Click here if you are not familiar with DUer Plaid Adder's superb post on the subject:

...(W)hy is it that so much right-wing political humor just plain doesn't work -- even for its target audience?...I think..(it)...has to do with the basic conflict between comedy and authority...(D)isrespect for authority is the foundation of real comedy...

Mocking the powerful has the positive effect of reminding everyone that though these figures may be powerful, they are not superhuman, and can be resisted/outwitted/defied; it also has the therapeutic effect of validating the anger and pain we feel as we suffer for these people, and reminding us that in fact, it's not us, it's them.

Mocking the vulnerable is just bullying, and all it does is pander to the audience's worst instincts. Right-wing pundits in the main either don't understand this rule, or have a seriously warped understanding of who's vulnerable and who's powerful...

Munro may have thought he was "defying and outwitting the powerful" by condemning the executive order before Obama was done explaining it. But in a textbook example of "seriously warped understanding," Munro ended up "mocking the vulnerable" by accusing Obama of issuing an order that made its recipients "more powerful" than "real" Americans.

This thread has thrived because it strangles Munro on his own rhetoric: you can thrust his arrogant posturing and obnoxious attitude into ANY situation (even the very birth of the universe!) -- and he comes across not as a passionate, professional truth-seeker, but as a self-serving, partisan, overgrown frat brat!


They call him the S-word because it's literally the next best thing to the N-word

Saying that you shouldn't vote for Obama because he's black is not an option because it's as irrational as it is racist.

Saying that you shouldn't vote for Obama because he's a communist is not an option, either -- it's too obvious that you're saying it simply because you can't say that you shouldn't vote for Obama because he's black.

Calling him a socialist, however, splits the difference perfectly -- it gives you all the advantages of calling him both the N-word AND the C-word without actually using them. The S-word provides just the right touch of "reasonable doubt." And the mainstream media is either too chicken or profit-hungry to call anyone it -- after all, controversy sells.


Well, which of these scenarios sound more realistic?

Based on the bail revocation motion:

4/17: From Post #21:
In a prison conversation, he said, "I think my passport in is that bag"; she said, "I have one for you in safety deposit box"; and he said, "Okay, you hold onto that."

4/20: First passport (expiration May 2012) turned over to the court.

5/1 (approximately): Zimmerman and wife find second passport (valid through May 2014) while cleaning house, and give it to O'Mara.

6/1: Bail revocation motion filed. Bail revocation hearing. O'Mara says he has had the second passport for about a month, but forgot to turn it in. He turns it over to the court.

6/1: Bail revocation motion filed. O'Mara reads in the motion that Zimmerman has a second passport, and about "prison talk" which leaves the impression that it's being concealed deliberately. O'Mara contacts Zimmerman and shrieks, "GET THAT PASSPORT THE #&#*%$ OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" O'Mara turns in passport at revocation hearing, and takes the rap in an effort to preserve Zimmerman's credibility.


They call him a socialist because they can't call him a black guy

They can't say, "Don't vote for Obama because he's a black guy." But note how close R-Money comes to saying "Vote for me because I'm a white guy" in this commercial:


“...But there’s something more than legislation or new policy. It’s the feeling we’ll have that our country’s back, back on the right track. That’s what will be different about a Romney presidency.”

Since Mitt can longer run on his public sector record, his private sector record, his Olympic record, his religion, or his financial transparency, he's left on running on the promise of restoring the natural order of politics: with him as president, you will be able feel better about yourself and America's future because it will be a WHITE guy who is screwing you over. And if he can convince enough independent voters of that, he can win. Surely a lack of change from a white president is superior to a lack of change from a black one!

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