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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
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A perfect storm of appalling judgment, exploitation, and pedophilia normalizing

Appropriate only for the intermissions of a child porn film festival.


This most certainly does merit a visit from child protective services

especially since there don't seem to be any women in the "audience."

I swapped dirty jokes with my sisters, friends, and schoolmates as a kid, and I'm sure my sisters' kids did, too. But we had enough sense to draw the line at swapping them with ADULTS!


Apparently I'm supposed admire Tupac for spitting in the eye of white supremacy

on his way out -- which was "needed" because:

...there are more (than) around 840,000 black men in prison, 300,000 more than in 1995 (when Tupac was counted among that number)...

Wisconsin locks up a larger percentage of black men than any other state, with almost 13 percent of its black male population locked by behind bars, nearly double the national rate of 6.7 percent...

Black boys make up 20 percent of out-of-school suspensions...

A police officer in Miami Gardens, Florida says he was told to stop every black male between 15 and 30 years old. We needed this now because that same police department has arrested Earl Sampson 111 times...

Now because in Miami-Dade, Tremaine McMillian was choked by police until he peed on himself because of a “dehumanizing stare...”

A police officer in Philadelphia told a young black man he stopped “We don’t want you here, anyway. All you do is weaken the fucking country...”

We’re still mourning the loss of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Ferrell, Ramarley Graham, Jordan Davis, and so many more taken by police or otherwise denied justice...

I just think that mentioning that Tupac's murderers are still at large (which, ironically, is most likely because real outraged black boys don't snitch to the white supremacist police) would have given the article a more legtimate context. But then again, it isn't as though Salon isn't a stranger to sketchy premises and slipshod editorial standards.


All I know is that if I were the swordsman, I would have wondered why Jones was just standing there.

If Jones' only line of defense was his whip, I would have started wondering why he wasn't using it, or trying to take advantage of the distance between us by running away. I would most certainly not have been so egotistical as to conclude that Jones was so dazzled or frightened by my swordplay skills that he couldn't react.


Remember this scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark?

That's what happened to Cantor -- he got so caught up in flashing the swords of his own rhetoric and ambition, he completely lost sight of the even more powerful weapon that his own voters still had.

Just like that, a member of the GOP's congressional "gang of three" is gone, and more important, it puts a bug in the ears of Boner and McTurtle's voters that it's not impossible for them to do the same. Power to the people, right on!


But why stop at withholding state funding? Let's withhold EVERYTHING!

If not being able to get emergency welfare will help discourage people from illegally crossing our borders, imagine how well their not being able to get ANYTHING would work! All we'd have to do is make it illegal to buy, sell, give, receive, lend, borrow, possess, request, exchange, barter, or share ANY kind of product, service, or currency -- private or public, legal or illegal, domestic or foreign -- if you're not in the U.S. legally. That would have them skeedaddling out of here like roaches in a light beam!

Since they would have no marital or parental rights, anchor babies must leave with their parents and can come back when they're 18 (as long as they're proficient in English and don't have a criminal record). If only there was a way to make it illegal from them to have sex or breathe our air...

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