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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 44,392

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In 2016, Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary by 2.1%

or around 2.86 million votes. What has kept me sane since that day was the fact that more people voted against Trump than for him.

Well, once it became clear that Joe had enough of both the popular and electoral college votes, I began quietly fantasizing about Trump losing the popular vote by TWICE as much as he did in 2016, with a side order of Joe getting at least 50% of the popular vote. You say that Biden now has fifty-ONE per cent of the popular vote, as well as surpassed margins of victory of 5.72 million votes AND 4.2 per cent? Woot woot woot -- trifecta accomplished!


I concur with your diagnosis: It was a perfect storm of sorts

From 2016:

From 2020:

According to USA Today, 65 million 2020 election votes -- FORTY per cent of the nearly 160 million total -- were cast by mail, and in addition, 35 million people voted early/absentee. Compared to nearly 129 million votes cast in 2016, where did those extra 31 million votes come from? That apathetic "green zone!"

With a combination of overall higher turnout (despite the voter suppression attacks); most of Biden's votes being cast early or by mail; and only about just one third of the votes actually being cast on Election Day, maybe there just weren't enough blue in-person machine votes to flip.


I consider four percent to be a "cheatproof" margin of victory

and I would be thrilled if President Duh Don could lose the popular vote by twice as much as he did in 2016. But that seemed like asking for the stars when you shouldn't have made it to the moon...

Well, guess what? The stars answered anyway!


Ironically, it was when I read about the site on Nov. 4 that I knew it was all over

Since I saw no reason to expect the election to be settled on election night, I didn't bother with following the returns. The next day, I avoided TV, radio and internet until lunchtime, then took a deep breath and logged on for what I did expect: to spend the rest of the week on a stressful emotional roller coaster.

The first thing I read was a message of disappointment from a pro-Trump acquaintance, which ignited a spark of hope. I found my way to an electoral college map page -- it took a second for it to sink in that Joe was leading 243-214. Equally important, the map also indicated that Joe was ahead in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada: winning those three states alone would give him exactly 270 electoral votes!

About three hours later (during which time CNN called Wisconsin for Biden), I came across a story about Joe's transition team Web page, and that's when I knew it was over: that's when I knew that Joe knew he had 270 electoral votes in the bag. He would never have deployed the page if there was even an outside chance that he'd have to retract it. Ironically, it's precisely the sort of thing that Trump would do...and blame on Biden if it backfired!


NJ's governor has issued an order against family gatherings of more than ten people.

Unless your household consists of more than ten people, being in possession of a turkey weighing more than fifteen pounds is now probable cause that you intend to feed that many.


I'm "betting" on Nevada to give Biden the win

I beg to differ, Nate: there are 254 reasons for Nevada to take its sweet time about giving Biden the win -- and for saving the counting of the county that virtually guarantees him the most blue votes until last.

Biden's 253 electoral votes, plus Arizona's 11 votes and Nevada's six, gets him to 270. And the remaining reason is how pleasurable it will be to watch Trump have to suck it up even if he were to win all of the other contests!


As of now, there are three states unaccounted for: GA, NC, and PA

Including WI, Biden has a total of 253 accounted-for electoral votes, and with NV (6 votes) and AZ (11) in the bag, he's already at 270.

Including AK, Trump has a total of 217 accounted-for electoral votes: winning all three of the unaccounted-for states (16 plus 15 plus 20 votes respectively) would give him a grand total of only 268.


This is already outdated -- the chaos is over.

Biden needs 17 electoral votes to hit 270 -- and thanks to Nevada and Arizona, he's already got them. Via either collusion or Biden's request, they're simply waiting on orders to drop the other shoe.

Why do you think Biden posted a transition team Web page yesterday? To do so without knowing his win was definite is definitely something Trump would do -- and blame on Biden!


Well, duh, LOL!!!

From 2016:

Trump supporters are a minority group, and always have been -- that's his deep, dark, ugly secret.

Aside from more people voting against him than for him in 2016, his rallies and media tantrums are meant to create the illusion that he is too massively loved to be challenged, never mind defeated (in every sense of the word). But even Russian interference can't bail him out if Biden's margins of victory are too wide. There's a new silent majority, and they appear to be making themselves heard.

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