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area51's Journal
area51's Journal
July 17, 2013

Yes, the ACA that we got

is based on the rightwing Heritage Foundation and a Newt Gingrich wet dream, which was to make a law forcing people to buy a lightly regulated, for-profit product from companies which are known serial killers.

Single-payer is key to keeping people alive, not to mention, affordable health care. The ACA is an unworkable solution. Punishing individuals who don't buy the insurance, without a public option, will still leave them w/o health care, which was supposed to be the whole reason behind hc reform.

And this shit will continue until people rise up and do something.

Anyone in their 20s or 30s who has marketable skills would be better off trying to move to a first world country with health care as a basic human right. And anyone who goes to Canada or Europe on a vacation, should apply for health care asylum there due to our broken health care delivery system. I'm not saying it would work to get to stay in those countries; I'm saying it needs to be done to embarrass the US on the world stage.

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