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I live in a repuke area

where turnout was small. After joyfully voting for Bernie, I went by his headquarters in downtown Columbia which was bustling! Campaign workers were coming in and out reporting from voting sites throughout the city.

As an older woman of color, I am dismayed that many of my peers/friends on both sides of the color line are for HRC because she's a woman. When I point out how she sure fought repukes with her IWR and bankruptcy bill aye votes OR her support of the Glass-Steagall reversal and welfare deform as well as her tenure at state that left Honduras, Libya and Syria a mess, I am met with blank, so-what stares! I have tried talking about the TPP, the keystone pipeline and fracking and still no response. Or worse, I get the: I don't care about politics/I don't want to talk about politics response.

These are not dumb people... some are professional women who exceptionally, bright and talented in their fields. I reached a point where I think America is truly doomed, then am heartened by the youth. Hooray for all the active, engaged young people who are paying attention
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