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Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home country: USA
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Sigh - Intersex people can become pregnant as well as solid XX women...


I know this because a cousin on my dad's side was born a hermaphrodite, or intersex, in 1963.
I am using the term "they, as that is what my cousin goes by now. They used to be a she, but that never seemed right to them.

Their parents were presented with "a solution" by the family Pediatrician at the time; cut off the penis and perform a vasectomy to have a girl, or do a hysterectomy to have a boy - on a baby.

So they had a "girl". It was cheaper and easier on the baby.

They went through school, got made fun of in gym, even though the testes never dropped, it still looked strange.
Went to college, got married to a safe nerd (their description), and eventually got pregnant. Which meant they saw an OB/GYN for the first time.
Their OB/GYN freaked. And all sorts of questions were asked of the parents, and the story finally came out.
Well, they had a baby boy after a very difficult pregnancy. With some health issues. As for the husband, well -he freaked out too, and there was a divorce. He got full custody, after he re- married, by the way.

So they went through life in a good career, tried to be a lesbian, tried to o be a "woman". But it never worked for them.

At one of the various family reunions, they got to talking to my widowed mom about loneliness and acceptance. Because my dad was well known as the raging liberal educator that could accept everything and everyone as they were.
My mom mentioned that I had talked about a trans male in the military I knew about 15 years ago, and they could talk to me because I was more like my dad than mom was.

So we talked. And we continue to talk occasionally. It helps them. And they have finally found a couple communities that accept non-binary/intersex people, which makes them more happy. They're working on getting the courage up to try and get back in touch with their son, but it's still a very scary prospect.

So yes, pregnancy is not just about women. It's also about trans men who have not yet gotten a hysterectomy or regular regeme of hormones and intersex persons with viable ovaries.
It doesn't "erase" women when HHS and DoD health policy talks to "women and people who get pregnant", because that term is inclusive of the .1% or so of people who become pregnant, whether or not the pregnancy is viable.

Trans men and intersex/non-binary are not as known in the general public. And they tend to be less accepted than Trans women, even within the LGBTQ+ community.
However, there is a small percentage of them in the US military, and that is something the DoD has had to come to terms with.

The more y'all know. Peace out.


Latest earworm in our family after watching Eurovision

The grandkids adore it, dance moves and all.
Don't say I didn't warn you...

(It's really a song about getting the COVID vaccine.)


A Sea Lion wanders into a Barrio...

No one knows why he does this, it's the fourth time he's been found wandering significantly inland. There's no weird parasites or obvious trauma or diseases they have found that might have affected his directional sense.

However, I will note (as I live in the area) some of the best, fresh fish tacos, Tostada Lokas (9 types of fish and local shellfish with an aguachili base, cabbage, and avocados), and Caldo de 7 Mares are found in the location he has been most recently found wandering in.

BTW, he's currently the size of a Gold Wing motorcycle. Definitely a freeway hazard.



Sooo, daughter was in a car accident 45 days ago. Minor damage.

Some guy busy watching a pedestrian pulled out of angled street parking and hit her 2004 Saturn.
No biggie, but a nasty dent, paint scratches, and the check engine light came on after he hit her. Insurance gives her a rental car, sends her to a collision place she had been at two years before when an idiot on his phone decided to merge into her lane at 65mph. That damage then was fixed no problem.

They take the car in. We don't hear anything for 40 days. The Insurance agent is trying to get ahold of them, because the adjustment department kept telling him there was some sort of computer issue.

Seems that instead of using the door frame VIN, this time they used the dashboard VIN, and the two didn't match. DMV registration and insurance both have the same number as the door frame - along with the engine firewall stamp. Also, apparently, the repair shop couldn't verify the VIN for that model, when they ran the dashboard VIN, it came up with a totally different year and model, a coupe instead of a sedan. But they still went with the dashboard number, screwing up the whole claim, which is computerized, of course. It's still messed up and no work has been done, even though the insurance agent approved it 40 days ago.

Duh, a previous owner replaced the dashboard and didn't change the VIN plates.

We all finally found this out today. 43 days after it went into the shop. And 2 days before insurance stops paying for a rental car.

Oh, sure, we can bring it back in once all the computer issue is cleared up, yes, then they will fix the car...but that's not going to fix the more than 30 days of rental car cost to the insurance companies for this totally avoidable delay. And I doubt our insurance is going to pay for another week of rental car if we bring it back in.

Mind you, insurance has sent both daughter and me to this very same shop twice previously due to accidents, and even though they were slow, they did good work. But this cluster f*** of stupidity is totally unacceptable. If two VINs are the same, and one that's just riveted to a very removable part is different, then you go with the VINs that match, right?

And they have a new shop manager since the last time we were there. Not for long, I hope.

Rant off.


Soooo- Dr. Strange 2 just went on sale at 0745 pdt...

At 0757, Laz went online at the AMC site ( we go see movies in Dolby Digital) to get tickets....
At 1205 pdt, he finally got his 4 tickets. Wait times were 15/20 minutes before the server would hang up and kick him out. He got as far as the payment screen five times, but would receive errors when he tried to finish paying until the final time - on the debit card.
Buying the tickets took twice as long as the movie would!
But on a serious note, because of weird glitches during the payment process, it appears that AMC charged us 4 times for the tickets on the credit card, so time to call the bank and cancel those charges.
($240, three days to recover! grr...)


Bugzooka! Fun for the ten year old, takes care of the house files.

We had the annual spring indoor infestation (kids leaving the door open like they grew up in a barn). We have to keep anything we do to get rid of the safe for household pets, kids, immunocompromised, etc.
Drain fly goo only works on the drain flys, Bug traps don't work well indoors. What does work (slowly) are fly tapes, which are unsanitary, gross, and risk getting caught in hair when putting them up or taking them down. Electronic swatters waste batteries.

But the bugzooka - the ten year old is strutting around the house with it on her hip, pumping the vacuum bellows every time after snagging flies in mid-air like she was using a shotgun in a spaghetti western. She's spent the last two hours searching out bugs.

Never fear - one can take the bug trapper unit on the end of the wand, go halfway down the street, then release any bugs that weren't smooshed during the catching.

Fun for the kids, and safe to use indoors.


Earthquake felt in San Diego?

One large thump like someone hit our house from WSW.

Everything just shifted.

I'll check in a bit.

Has anyone actually heard anything from Putin recently since the invasion?

Not the pre-recorded crap. Last thing I heard him actually doing was a rumor that the Oligarchs met in his mountain fortress.

Just asking. It's odd that he hasn't addressed his people or made any official statement.

I'm fantasizing that at this point, the Oligarchs are just fighting amongst themselves about who is going to be his heir and the Army is just running on its own tactical plan without any direction from Putin until someone decides it's not worth it any more.


Panic in the US - COVID stress, social distrust, and crowd hysteria.

So - this afternoon, Laz, the older granddaughter, a neighbor and I went to see the latest Spiderman movie at a local mall. Lately, I've had to use a wheelchair when going out for any distance, so I typically stash it in an alcove near the steps and pull myself up the aisles to better seats we normally get.

As usual, we sit through all the credits. Everyone is in a great mood. Suddenly, as the lights come up, a couple guys start yelling "so we're all going to die?" And a parent comes running in yelling for their kid. Obviously some sort of chaos is going on. As I'm getting into my wheelie, the strobe lights come along with a canned evacuation alert. Out of the theater, a few people are running, the smell of burning popcorn and a light smoke is filling the air.

Apparently, this happened -

Now, both Laz and I are former military so we're taking things slow and careful so we could move safely. Other than the panic and popcorn burning, we don't see or hear anything out of place. Our main concern is keeping granddaughter calm. Our neighbor is totally confused, but stuck with us because we were alert but calm. Security was around, but they were doing a sweep rather than crowd control, as they should in a situation like this.
But the hysteria of the mindless crowd... Far more frightening than an actual situation reacting on pure emotion..Getting in their own way as well as in the way of first responders.
Three people were injured besides the original smash and grab criminal who started this whole sorry situation.


UCSD is offering a "Certificate in Cannabis"


Primarily focusing on Cannabis Healthcare policy and Cannabis Law. From reading the article, it's focused on the business side of Cannabis rather than actual uses or for Natural paths and prescribers.

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