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Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home country: USA
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San Diego is trying to limit Short term Vacation rentals (Airbnb), but...

They weren't really careful and a LLC multi-property owner took advantage of a loophole to evict many of his month to month apartment and duplex leases into Airbnbs in choice vacation locations.
San Diego now has a lottery system (I think about 1000 a year, could be wrong) for licencing vacation rentals, partially to benefit the actual hotels (who pay the city hotel taxes, unlike the Airbnb hosts), and partially to slow the drain on available affordable housing these sorts of "investment" rentals have been creating over the last decade.

(Local news link below)

We have a horrible housing shortage in this town, and his apartments are in locations where there's a lot of tourist businesses that need a surge in workers from May to November, but poor transportation and parking options for people to go there and work those jobs just due to the local terrain.

So when cornered, this guy says "he's had a change of heart" and will only turn his regularly vacant near the beach properties into vacation rentals instead of all 114 units? Right. He was caught.


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