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KoKo's Journal
KoKo's Journal
February 28, 2014

Excellent Point...when Labor loses the Average Laborer who does

the GRUNT WORK...to the "SUITS" who go to DC and work with the Lobbyists.

And the Work went to the Southern States whose Textile/Furniture Business was Shipped Overseas under NAFTA and they declared themselves..."RIGHT TO WORK STATES"....and those Construction, Plumbers and other Service Workers were left to be seen as "Lower Class" and not worthy of Organization..and the workers themselves didn't understand was going on in the South with the transitions to manage to fight back!

Also, After Carter the "SUNBELT" was growing as RESORT COMMUNITIES.... Construction Boomed as Pre-Boomers were sniffing out Retirement Areas from other States where they'd made their money. Ohio Residents and Others had folks ready for retirement and OHIO had Huge Industry at that time...so those retirees had Guaranteed PENSIONS where they were comfortable to flood the Southeast and Florida with Retirees looking to get out of the Cold...and Times were GOOD.. So they fueled the RESORT BUILDING BOOM of the Late 80's into the 90's to 2000's for HOUSING BOOM which ended up where it is these days...

Construction Jobs along with Plumbing, Electrical, HAVAC caused workers to have to come in from Mexico and South America to meet the Demand. NONE WERE UNION!

I should write a book...getting too carried away here... But....there are so many reasons why Unions are not what they were all those years ago. AND...WORKERS GOT SCREWED with the HOUSING BOOM and BUBBLE. Both the Immigrants and those in the Southeast who were taught to hate Union Organizing. When the Bubble Burst in Housing... Immigrants were sent back to the Countries they Came From...and our OWN Skilled Labor was no longer so skilled........

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