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Gender: Male
Hometown: North Dakota
Home country: US of A
Current location: Kansas City MO
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 25,592

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It does not matter where in the political spectrum one adheres. The same rules of right and wrong, good and evil applies to everyone. Our greatest danger of extinction comes from those that think the rules do not apply to them. www.timws.com

Journal Archives

What too many do not seem to realize is that the insurance companies ARE the problem!

Stop talking about fixing anything involving private insurance companies! They are the problem with this countries health care. They need to be gotten rid of. Why does anyone think all those countries that went to Single Payer in the first place, outlawed health insurance companies from covering anything covered by that country's Single Payer system?
That is why the Mandate is bad. It guarantees private health insurance company profits with the force of federal law.
The best way is what EVERY OTHER civilized country and many not so civilized countries, has done decades ago. Government run Single Payer, Universal Health Care. The United States is the LAST hold out.

Everyone is covered. Employment or lack of same is no barrier. Change jobs? Still covered. Where you work goes bankrupt? Still covered. Want to start your own business? Still covered. Your kid wants to move out or reaches a certain age? Still covered.

The one and only answer to our health problems in this country is Single Payer, Universal Health Care. It he answer involves any health insurance company, that is not a workable answer.

So why is it so hard to go with the most obvious, the most humane course of action, which is what every other industrialized nation on the planet has already done? Single Payer, Universal Health Care. The hard work has already been done by these countries. All we have to do is cherry pick what works. What is so hard about that?
The United States pays twice as much for health care than any other country. See chart below
And yet 45,000 people a year are still dying for lack of access to basic health care. People are losing their homes, going deep into debt, going bankrupt for basic health care.

[center]How can we be the Greatest nation on earth,
if we can't/won't even take care of our own citizens?
How is it the same people that do not have a problem with [strike]two[/strike] [strike]three[/strike] [strike]four[/strike] [strike]five[/strike] four and a half wars, that are costing us, US, $16.5 trillion so far, have a problem with health care reform that will save us billions?



What's the Matter with Kansas?

Today the Kansas Department of Agriculture sent out a statement which indicates that Kansas has gained less than two thousand people in the past year. There are about two hundred and twenty-five thousand families in the state, and there were about ten thousand babies born in Kansas, and yet so many people have left the state that the natural increase is cut down to less than two thousand net.

This has been going on for eight years.

If there had been a high brick wall around the state eight years ago, and not a soul had been admitted or permitted to leave, Kansas would be a half million souls better off than she is today. And yet the nation has increased in population. In five years ten million people have been added to the national population, yet instead of gaining a share of this -- say, half a million -- Kansas has apparently been a plague spot and, in the very garden of the world, has lost population by ten-thousands every year.


Eight years this has been going on. You'd think the people might have a clue by now. Ahhh, I got it! Those that have been paying attention, left!
But the last two governors were Democrats? Or did they just have (D)'s by their names or what?
I left Kansas over well over 50 years ago and didn't start paying attention to it until about a year and half ago.

Oh, and don't forget this:
The Governor Of Kansas Likes Picking On Teenage Girls
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