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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,542

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This day in history...

This day in history. 1998. An airport was renamed for Ronald Reagan in honour of his firing all the air traffic controllers and destroying the American middle class.
- @jimmerthatisall, Mastodon


The wealthiest country in the world needs poor kids to tighten their belts just a little more.


BREAKING: Classified documents discovered at my house

ATLANTA, Jan. 24 - At a 1:00 p.m. ET news conference tomorrow, longtime DUer Pinback is expected to reveal the discovery of several classified documents at his Atlanta-area residence. The documents are believed to be printouts of emails from his time as a contractor at {REDACTED}, Inc.

"I had no idea I had anything like that," Pinback reportedly told a confidant, saying he found them in an old manila folder in the bottom drawer of his filing cabinet. "To tell you the truth," he allegedly told the source, "I hardly ever look in there. It's pretty disorganized, and kind of scary, really."

The long-forgotten emails are believed to contain "parodies of corporate announcements written with co-workers and several draft resignation letters."

Well, "he regrets what transpired at the Capitol that day"

What more do you want? He’s sorry if anyone was offended by his statements, or his feet on the desk, or by the envelope that crawled into his hand. The Capitol became attacked — some innocent tourists got caught up in the events of the day. Most unfortunate happenstance.

Now he has become convicted. Oh well, thoughts and prayers.


"A Country That Our Children Will Be Proud Of" - V. Zelenskyy et al.

"A Country That Our Children Will Be Proud Of" song by V. Zelenskyy and associates

If you've seen "Servant of the People," the Volodymyr Zelenskyy TV sitcom that was his unlikely springboard to the Ukrainian presidency, you'll recognize several of the cast members in this troupe.

According to DuckDuckGo's translation of the Russian text from YouTube, this is from a March 2019 performance for the popular TV program "Evening Quarter." (If anyone who knows the language can provide more information, please post your response!)

Even without knowing the language, I found this song (and the audience's reaction) quite moving. Hope you'll enjoy it.

I'd Like to Announce My Departure from Masochist

By Sarah Hutto, The New Yorker
December 7, 2022

I’ve been a Masochist user for more than a decade now, but I’m afraid that my time on this platform has come to an end. The Masochist app has seen me go from a young, single, childless person to an older, less healthy person at the tail end of my first divorce, with two, maybe three, kids.

I’ve really enjoyed sharing my posts (“cries for help,” as Masochist calls them) with other “masochists” whom I’ve come to know through this platform. And I’ve loved seeing all of your cries for help as well. Whether I was simply making sure that you were also miserable or berating you for your content, at Masochist I always felt like I was part of a community—a deeply unhealthy family, if you will—that I will keep with me as I venture forth in my offline life and try to figure out exactly how many kids I have and what their full names are.


I will miss the reliable torture I received on Masochist—be it from strangers calling me horrible names, or from friends and family, also calling me horrible names. And I will miss reciprocating that pain, as is the way in a true community.


If you’d still like to keep in touch online, you can find me over on Facepalm, where I have traded my privacy to be flattened with a different anvil on a regular basis.
- more at link: https://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/id-like-to-announce-my-departure-from-masochist

What changed in US Senate runoff? Small gains for Warnock across Georgia

- Mark Niesse, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, tonight
The runoff for U.S. Senate mostly mirrored the general election, with a key difference: Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock won a bit more of the vote in almost every county.

Warnock gained ground against Republican Herschel Walker in almost every county since the first election four weeks ago, according to preliminary results.

Warnock’s support grew in 147 of Georgia’s 159 counties, including both rural Republican-leaning areas and Democratic bastions in metro areas.

- https://www.ajc.com/news/live-updates/2022-senate-runoff-election/

Metro Atlanta is getting a lot of credit, but this is a statewide win. As in 2020, when Biden lost by less in small counties all over Georgia as compared to Clinton in 2016, Warnock’s team put together a win that drew support from every part of the state.

Those Democratic voters in Alice Walker’s hometown of Eatonton, in Jimmy Carter’s hometown of Plains and nearby Americus, even the badly outnumbered Dem voters in Rome and Cedartown — where they have to live with representation by the Jewish Space Laser lady — all those votes added up to bring home the win for Sen. Warnock.

THANK YOU to the Georgia Dem Party, every county Dem Party, Fair Fight Georgia, the New Georgia Project, Black Voters Matter, Unite Here, and many other organizations — and to the thousands of volunteers who knocked doors, made phone calls, worked campaign events, wrote post cards and letters, and never gave up.

I remember the last time we had a Democratic U.S. Senator before we were blessed with Ossoff and Warnock. That was Zell Miller. (Sorry for that memory.)

Although it would be wildly optimistic to say that Georgia has “turned Blue” — we do have a state government that’s still firmly in Red clutches — tonight, we can take a breath, hoot and holler, and enjoy this win for the ages.

As another DU thread tonight pointed out, Warnock has now won election to the U.S. Senate FOUR TIMES in two years (not counting the primaries). I’d say he deserves it.

Baldwin County flips to Raphael Warnock

Warnock carries ‘swingiest’ county in Georgia
- Greg Bluestein, AJC, tonight

U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock narrowly flipped Georgia’s most competitive county, an encouraging sign for his tight runoff against Republican Herschel Walker.

Returns showed the Democrat carrying the middle Georgia county by about 1 percentage point, which Walker narrowly won in November.

- https://www.ajc.com/news/live-updates/2022-senate-runoff-election/

How to follow Georgia runoff election results and updates from the AJC

I suspect most of us will be following Warnock vs. Werewolf results via teevee or various Internet sources tonight, but in case you want to check results as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they'll be posting updates as noted here:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is providing exclusive Georgia Senate runoff election day updates all day and election results after the polls close Tuesday across all of our platforms. The coverage will continue overnight, including comprehensive stories and election charts in the AJC ePaper Wednesday morning.

On social media platforms: Follow the AJC Georgia Politics team on Twitter (@ajcgapolitics), the AJC Georgia Education Team @AJC_Education, and reporters Mark Niesse @markniesse Patricia Murphy @murphyajc, Greg Bluestein @bluestein, Tia Mitchell @ajconwashington and Shannon McCaffrey @shannonajc1. More updates on AJC Facebook and AJC Twitter accounts.

- More info at link posted above.

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