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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 10,301

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The Green House Project looks promising.

The Green House Project envisions "homes in every community where elders and others enjoy excellent quality of life and quality of care; where they, their families, and the staff engage in meaningful relationships built on equality, empowerment, and mutual respect; where people want to live and work; and where all are protected, sustained, and nurtured without regard to the ability to pay."

For more information, see:

Who can possibly be undecided about

this choice? It just boggles my mind every time I think about it. Who the hell are these swing voters??

I keep hearing "Elections are won in the middle," "The only voters who matter are the swing voters," "Obama has to win the toss-up states," blah blah blah.

How about this? "We must get out the progressive vote so fucking hard that the idiots who can't decide between toxic, regressive cruelty versus honest, diligent competence become completely irrelevant."

I'm calling for a new federal bill that would give the President the power to set gasoline prices

I mean, since the Republicans keep saying Obama is responsible for high gas prices, why don't we codify it and make him actually responsible for gas prices? The law would be very simple:
"Gasoline prices in the United States will be set at the sole discretion of the President, with no oversight from anybody."

So then the President could actually guarantee that gasoline would cost $2.50 a gallon, or 3 cents a gallon, or 15 dollars a gallon -- whatever he feels like. Simple.

The discussions of such a proposal in Congress and the media could be most enlightening. We might even see some reporting about the real reasons for high gasoline prices.

I know, I know -- but I can dream, can't I?
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