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theHandpuppet's Journal
theHandpuppet's Journal
September 4, 2013

Just want to share something with y'all

I had debated whether to share this even with family but on reflection, I would like some kind of public record about what happened to my partner and I a few short weeks ago.
A little background here. My partner and I are very visible Democrats and an out couple. (During election cycles our house looks like an outsized kiosk festooned with signs for Dem candidates.) On occasions when certain events are scheduled - like the recent boycott for low wage workers -- we'll put a hand-made sign in our front window. We also have a more permanent, large decal in support of Planned Parenthood there.
Anyhoo... I've been renovating my studio after some storm damage; the windows to my studio face the street. As I was on the ladder repairing some plaster, I happened to glance out the window and see some weird debris on the sidewalk. I went out to clean it up and to my alarm saw that there were two bullet holes in the house, just below the windows of the studio where I was working.
Of course I called the police. They took some cursory photos of the bullet holes, looked a bit around the neighborhood and left. End of story.
My partner and I are no strangers to being targeted for our political views or for the fact that we're out. Mostly it's just religious extremists leaving messages at our doorstep though one time, when we lived in Virginia, the KKK visited us in the middle of the night and left us a lovely letter. Nevertheless, we aren't the type to scare easily and even now I'm not frightened, just really pissed. The only thing I can't abide more than a bigot is a cowardly bigot.
So now we're left wondering just what pissed someone off so much that they decided to send us a message. Is it because we're an unapologetic, out couple? Our proud support of Planned Parenthood? Because we're dyed-in-the-wool Dems? All of the above?
There's been no followup investigation as to who took shots at us and we both know there isn't going to be one. But just in case something should happen in future, heaven forbid, I thought it prudent to share this story on a more public forum and I think the LGBT forum here is a safe space to do that. I also know that those who choose to participate in this particular group won't dismiss our concerns and fully realize that the intimidation and threats against GLBTs in this country are very real.
That's about it. I'm not inclined to take up forum space with personal issues such as this but hope you will understand why I decided to post this here.

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Cantankerous by nature, aspires to a genteel misanthropy. Interests include carpentry, organic gardening and sustainable living, history, genealogy, astronomy and paleontology, visual arts, lgbt activism. Caretaker for a brace of Scotties and several ungrateful, rescued cats. Addicted to watching sports and cheers for perennial losers. Education: I suppose, though some might think an MFA doesn\'t really qualify as such. Partnered for 24 years to a saint. Just lucky, I guess.

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