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Great Russian Downgrade Has Begun

This video is fascinating for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that he's right. However, most of us are going to recognize a lot of what he's seeing because it's been happening to us for a long time now.

And yes, food and medication were exempted from sanctions. This is Putin playing games.

I just wonder how much longer he's going to be allowed to make these videos.

Japan Is Dropping a Gargantuan Turbine Into The Ocean to Harness 'Limitless' Energy

Deep beneath the waves there's a source of power quite unlike any other. To tap into it, Japanese engineers have constructed a true leviathan, a beast capable of withstanding the strongest of ocean currents to transform its flow into a virtually limitless supply of electricity.

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries now known simply as IHI Corporation has been tinkering with the technology for over a decade now, partnering with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in 2017 to put their designs to the test.

In February, the project passed a major milestone with the completion of a successful three-and-a-half year field test in the waters off Japan's southwestern coast.


Looks like a prototype Enterprise, a body and two nacelles. I wonder if painting it the colors of the Ukrainian flag was accidental or intentional. Either way, cool beans.

The Russian soldiers refusing to fight in Ukraine

Sergey joined the army as a conscript - most Russian men between the ages of 18-27 must complete one year of compulsory military service. But, after a few months, he made the decision to sign a two-year professional contract which would also give him a salary.

In January, Sergey was sent near the border with Ukraine for what he was told would be military drills. A month later - 24 February, the day Russia launched its invasion - he was told to cross the border. Almost immediately his unit found itself under attack.

I've been reading about and watching this stuff for a few weeks, but mostly on propaganda sites. This is the first actual news site with a comprehensive article on who these guys are and what they might be facing.

"Sergey" is likely a composite of a lot of stories about not knowing they were being sent into a war until the shit started to fly, about having no backup or air support, and about having the wrong supplies or no supplies. The more these guys talk quietly to family and friends (and their lawyers), the worse trouble Putin is in.

Worth the read, especially since this is a composite of professional military, not conscripts who were trained tio march in parades and do guard duty.

Scientists May Have Found a Way to Inject Oxygen Into The Bloodstream Intravenously

Scientists may have now found a breakthrough, and it's one that that could significantly impact how ventilators are used.
The new technique works by channeling an oxygen-laden liquid through a series of nozzles that get smaller and smaller. By the time the process is finished, the bubbles are smaller than red blood cells and that means they can be directly injected into the bloodstream without blocking blood vessels.

A lipid membrane is used to coat the bubbles before they're added to the blood, which prevents toxicity and stops the bubbles from clumping together. After the solution is injected, the membrane dissolves and the oxygen is released.


Now all they have to do is figure out how to eliminate the CO2.

American Gun Culture in 7 Charts--BBC

This one especially struck me:


Texas, Texas Texas, Texas..... What is it going to take for that state to wake the fuck up and realize they've been had and now they're dying for it?

Opeator Starsky talks Kalashnikovs

Wait for the punch line. Really.

Cats Remember Each Other's Names, Japanese Study Suggests

In recent years, scientists have shown that cats actually bond deeply with humans. These complex creatures can and will communicate with us, and they even track our movements when we're not around.

Even more amazingly, cats can recognize their own names (an ability we mostly associate with dogs), and now new research shows that this feline feat goes much further than we realized.

In a new study, scientists discovered that in addition to knowing their own names, cats also appear to recognize the names of other cats they're familiar with, and may also know the names of people who live in the same household.


My old cat (now long gone) loved to watch Maru videos. She'd sit in my lap, glued to the screen, chirping at him. She was bored by everything else, including fish, although videos of big cats would hold her attention for a minute or two. Maru could keep her happy for half an hour or more. She especially loved to see him surf boxes across the floor.

So yeah, not surprised about this study, at all.

Why the Ukrainians threw Yanukovych out and don't want another Russian puppet, ever

Yanukovych is said to have stolen in the upper tens of billions, mostly through the corruption at Ukrainian oil and gas companies, most notably Burisma, a company that put Hunter Biden on the board as a signal that Russian corruption would no longer be tolerated.

Here's a stroll through his pleasure palace, something I find overdone and my standards were formed by the pleasure palaces, er summer cottages, of the Robber Barons in Newport. Just the car collection goes on and on and on and on...

So now we know why there is a war, Putin and Yanukovych (in exile in Russia) want their favorite money maker back. I imagine Yanukovych is the originator of the Nazi fiction and Putin's cupidity prevents him from seeing how foolish it makes him look.

Partially successful test of helicopter grabbing a returning rocket out of the air

This is pretty neat stuff and more efficient than the Flash Gordon Space X touchdowns:

Apparently there was a partial splashdown and that's why the load felt different.

Starsky video, truth testing a POW interview

**Please use skepticism when watching any videos from the war. Thanks**

I posted this because of several things that seem to be true. First, the drug injections. The drugs sounds like Arbidol, which is a Rissoan antiviral, seems odd although it was developed from a tramadol analogue.. Second, the story about Russian soldiers breaking into Ukrainian army stores for underwear, socks and boots is most likely true, I've seen that from a UN observer and an NGO worker, neither of whom had contact with the other at the time.

One NGO worker wisecracked that the Russian troops were from Bottlestan, there were so many empties at the camp sites, probably liberated from stores and wrecked houses. I don't think anyone had to force them to drink. I can see them needing to get so blotto that they shuffle, zombie like, into Ukrainian gunfire, so that seems accurate.

In any case, this guy is done, even if he goes back behind the lines, he'll most likely choose jail over what he's already been through.

I disbelieved about 1/3 of this interview. That makes it uncommonly truthful for a war zone interview. My disblief of part is because he seemingly missed the point of being in the army while not seeming that dumb, and the shifty eyes indicating he was trying to please somebody off camera.
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