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Hometown: New Mexico
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Why Putin Became a Killer

Long, well worth it, and explains a lot about why he was so keen on TFG:

How's that rebranding working for ya, Putin?

This guy spent 9 gears living in the US and knows what the franchise is supposed to be, so he seems close to tears for a minute.

His other videos are interesting, lots of good history lessons, including a reading on restrictions on speech passed in order from 2011. They only had 30 years of relative freedom; we've had over 240. Hard to know if all our freedoms can be stripped from us as easily as they stripped bodily autonomy from women.

I found this delightful museum piece when I was looking for something else

If people under 65 want to know why the 60s happened, this wonde4ful example of The Rules explains why we all went right out and broke them, every single one of them, in sequence or all together:


Hippie dinner parties were bowls of food on the table, big spoons in them, people packed around the table serving themselves. Nobody gave a shit about anything but enjoying good food, good talk, good friends.
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