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joshcryer's Journal
joshcryer's Journal
February 11, 2017

Glenn Greenwald blocked me on Twitter, HAHA. Day. Made.

I use Twitter mainly to follow my friends and communicate about non-political stuff. Indeed, I made a tweet that basically pointed out my complete disillusion in politics recently, so I don't use twitter for political purposes for the most part. Snowden has been an exception. Snowden, a great American, who was used by clickbait checkbook journalists, and Russia (via Wikileaks), is in deep shit because of the Executor in Chief.


I can't find my tweet to Snowden shortly after Trump was elected but I warned him that it was a possibility and told him to get out of Russia as soon as possible. It's there, you can find it, that shit's public.

Glenn blocked me after this series of tweets:


That tweet referred to Gleen Greenwald's delusional statement that the CIA and "Mike Morrell" (a Clinton "surrogate" by his own claims) "leaked" the idea that Trump wanted to be gifted Snowden to create "fake news." Mike Morrell's connection to the Clinton's is tenuous at best, being hired by a former aid of the Clinton for his intelligence agency.

Nevermind the fact that Trump's pick for CIA director, Mike Pompeo, wants Snowden's head. Literally, he wants to kill him. Like Trump himself. So Greenwald, this totally legit journalist, ignores that not only does the President want to kill Snowden, the likely leaker of this extradition possibility, Mike Pompeo, does as well. So it's not even controversial. Greenwald deflects to Clinton because the reality is that the guy who made him lots of money selling books is going to probably be extradited and likely executed, if something isn't done. And the bit of conscious that exists in his tiny brain was triggered just a tiny bit.

Another tweet I posted:


Goes without saying. Greenwald, the king, literal king of clickbait and checkbook journalism, has the audacity to claim that it's happening with regards to a few reports about Snowden being considered for extradition (in other tweets to people talking to him he admits that he's not saying that this won't happen, it seems as if he is deluded about this prospect; it's just totally wrong to say it might happen, totally wrong, even though the President has and the CIA director the President has chosen, has said they want Snowdens head).

The last tweet that I posted, before I was blocked later in the morning by the king of clickbait, was this one:


I was merely pointing out that Snowden serves no more use for Russia, except that they might be able to get some use out of him if they give him over to the guy who literally wants to execute him (ie, Donald Trump, our President, enabled by Wikileaks, Russian hacking, and misleading journalists like Greenwald). Snowden was glad to be vindicated that he wasn't a Russian spy or turned agent. But to say he wasn't a tool is a farce. Tools can and will be discarded. And Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Russia are on the same page regarding Snowden's usefulness. Russia very much does not like his criticisms of their anti-free speech. And Trump wants him.

As I said in another post about Greenwald's usefulness with regards to Snowden's revelations, revelations I think were important, but were used by clickbait journalists to our detriment:

If we allowed the political process to go forward and didn't get media sensationalizing the story, we may well have had at least the Ending Secret Law Act out of committee, quietly passing through back room deals. Instead, the NSA and CIA and intelligence community overall was strengthened by Snowdens revelations, because the media made a fuss, and the people didn't give a good damn, since it was so sensationalized.

It became a story about how the NSA and CIA were duped by a lone libertarian and not a story about how the NSA and CIA shouldn't be doing what they were doing. They scrapped all the tools, and then got the FISA courts to rubber stamp things much easier by "separating" data gathering and placing the onus on corporations. We know this is factually true by how canaries have been falling one by one.

Corporations, in order to fall in line with the Patriot Act, simply give up any data asked for. Period.

Glenn Greenwald, fuck you, fuck your style of clickbait journalism. Fuck libertarians. Fuck your hatred for all that is actually good in order to further your own sick and twisted intersests.

And Snowden, if you can get the fuck out of there, don't fucking go to Ecuador. Ecuador works for Assange because he's a rapist that the US doesn't actually want. The US has extradited many a drug dealer there. If they want someone from Ecuador they'll get them. Manning (the only person who could) didn't indict Assange, so the US never wanted him. She's a hero. And don't go to Venezuela, it's about to have a conservative resurgence, they'll turn you over as soon as the likes of Maduro are ousted. Cuba is your best bet. Nicaragua, maybe. Or North Korea. But I wouldn't recommend the most latter.

Fuck you Greenwald. You are what is wrong with our media. Making shit up. Stirring shit. Making shit for click bait. Totally illogical and tenuous conspiratorial connections. Total bullshit.

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