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joshcryer's Journal
joshcryer's Journal
November 18, 2020

Biden shouldn't investigate a single thing.

Biden shouldn't say a single thing about Trump, his administration, his officials, or his people, other than "no comment." Or "I will not be commenting on this subject."

Biden should hire a hardliner like Mueller (I'm not suggesting Mueller, I'm saying someone like him) for the head of the DoJ. I don't know who it should be, but it should be someone who will investigate every single dealing, every single crony bullshit that Trump has done.

Remember, the Republicans spent a hundred million dollars investigating the Clintons under Kenn Starr and his ilk. We need non-partisan, individual actors, to investigate, prosecute.

And Biden needs to not touch it. Not mention it. Not discuss it. "I will not be discussing any investigations that occur under my Department of Justice, thank you."

The DoJ should be separate from the White House, that's the whole point of a justice system, it should be non-partisan, distinct. By being impartial, Biden can bring back faith in the DoJ and in the system itself.

And Trump and his lackey's can wind up behind bars.

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