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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,646

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I'd give Trump one compliment though...

When he leaves the White House, he definitely has a future as an air accordion player.

Heís got the skills.

Seriously, who who would vote to give this clown four more years?

And did you see the way that he just practically pushed his wife off-stage?

He doesn't have a human bone in his entire body.

Trump does know that he's sitting in the Oval Office, right?

Trump is showing that he can't show empathy to other people

He makes everything about himself

Joe never mentions Trump's crooked kids

He knows how to stay focused on whatís important

What the fuck is Trump talking about?

Russia money?

I'm sure that Trump has been briefed on details

But he clearly canít outline any details at all. Everything out of his mouth are either generalities or crap that heís pulling from his own blubberous ass.

I'm wondering how long Trump can behave

Other than lying every time he opens his puke hole

I put my vote in. Que sera sera

Not getting my hopes up about this country.

Halloween Is Coming! #110

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