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Mr. Scorpio

Mr. Scorpio's Journal
Mr. Scorpio's Journal
December 31, 2013

I won't be watching them tonight, but it is so fucking ridiculous...

Along with all of the usual suspects of right wing sycophants, faux-redneck duck dupers, as well as an entirely whole host of knuckle-dragging and mind-bogglingly hokey-assed entertainment, the folks at Fox News tonight, on their "All-American New Year's Eve" show, also plans to have England's Sarah Brightman and Scotland's own Susan Boyle as part of their "All-American" line up.

I guess no one will care as long as they're white, right?

December 31, 2013

I'm afraid that it's time to come to this, I have to say goodbye...

[font color="color" size="50" face="face"]TO 2013!!!![/font]

December 30, 2013

Bye Bye, Jim Schwartz

You tossed away a perfectly winnable season, now you're gone.

Time to bring in a coach who can put all of that talent to good use.

December 29, 2013

The test of one's character isn't how one handles success, it's how one handles adversity.

That's complete bullshit, by the way. Obviously thunked up by some rich motherfucker, trying to get the rubes to resolve themselves to the status of lowly, underpaid and under appreciated wage slaves, working for the man who squirrels away filthy riches on the backs of their labor.

We're about to fuck you over, the rich assholes have announced, and that's pretty much pissing on them and calling it a spring shower.

No fucking way that a CEO is worth 150 times more than the AVERAGE employee. Ninety-eight percent of the wealth isn't enough for these greedy fucks, they want it all!

The New Gilded Age is upon us, with no sign of it ever abating. The Ownership Class is retreating behind walls of stone and silicon, as they equip their trigger-happy police thugs with latest in military accoutrement.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't suppose what will be the thing to rile up the masses in a way they'll consider Madame Guillotine's implement of social correction as a reasonable solution. But alas, there is no Bastille to storm, La Marseillaise would never be considered a catchy enough tune, belting from the jukeboxes of Outer Podunkistan.

Arming the rabble hasn't solved anything, except for us all to invent better ways to wash our blood into the nation's gutters, all with a helping handful of fear-induced incentives from the NRA.

Suffer, ye, my people… Believe in the myth that you're all alone, that's the American way. Never mind that our futures have been stolen from us and we refuse to summon the will to re-confiscate them.

Better to continue our headlong slide into oblivion than change our ways, to share with those who are classified as the undeserving.

Principles, Jesus, Freedom and all.

Gawd, this country needs an enema.

One last thing… About handling success: Give someone everything and see how they handle THAT. They have more choices than those suffering with adversity. The tester fails when they get everything and choose to get even more, to the detriment of all.

That's how you judge character!

December 29, 2013

You need a chuckle nt

December 29, 2013

Is it ignorant/ transphobic for a straight man to not want to date transgender women?

anonymous asked:

Is it ignorant/ transphobic for a straight man to not want to date transgender women?

blackfoxx answered:

Mmm kind of did this topic on twitter this week so you if you want more you can check it out @tgirlinterruptd

But the answer is somewhere between no not necessarily but probably so. In that, a narrative of desire around trans bodies does not exist & in that absence one of degradation and shame is offered in its place. So automatically you have sexualities and accompanying desires shaped in a context of transphobia, which both excludes and pathologizes trans bodies as abhorrent.

A lot of male sexuality is also constructed around employing hierarchies of womanhood as trophies, to prove their own worth and engage in a process of gendering themselves through access to womens’ bodies. Within that framework, some hold more currency and others (transwomen) can actually subvert heteronormative male sexualities. The opinions and shared norms of sexuality among peers, performed on womens’ bodies, plays a huge part in constructing their sexuality as well. You can imagine where transwomen fall on this scale. There’s also the fact that most men dont even have enough literacy of our bodies and our lives to even know who we are and if they are attracted to us. And dont attempt to do so because of cisnormativity.

With that being said, we live in the world we live in. If a man chooses not to date a transwoman, whatever the reason, that is his choice (though one probably informed by cisnormativity.) I am however concerned with if, in not dating transwomen, he also reinforces cissexism and transphobia in his words and actions. Everything is not for everybody nor does it have to be (even though ironically transwomen seem to always get the short end of this stick hmmm.) But what are men doing to not actively continue & participate in this cycle of shame around transwomens’ bodies? What are they doing to stop putting our lives at risk? How are they discussing our bodies and lives? In choosing not to date us, are they offering up bioessentialist rhetoric and trying to delegitimize/undermine our genders?

So basically, cisnormativity heavily informs our desires. We should all work through that. If in working through that, you still don’t find yourself attracted to transwomen? Then thats fine, but what are you doing to create & not participate in a society that shames & degrades the concept of desire around transbodies?

I wont make a blanket statement and say that ANY many who doesnt date transwomen is transphobic. But I will say that we live in a transphobic and cissexist society. And that most men ARE transphobic and cissexist. And all of those things shape our desires and sexuality.

December 29, 2013

I was going to wait until New Year's Eve to do this, but I'm kicking this off early...

My plan was to start 2014 off with a clean slate by airing any problems that I've caused for anyone during this year.

Hopefully, some grievances could be aired and resolved, if apologies are warranted, so be it. I guess it's sort of like a belated Festivus kinda thing, but that was almost a week ago.

For whatever their reasons, with a few of these other apology threads going on, I just want to say that I'm being sincere here.

Just let me know what you think that I did wrong, and I promise - no excuses, no "I'm sorry that you're offended" BS, just a simple apology or no apology if I can't really do that.

OK, here we go...

December 28, 2013

A Blast From The Past: The Effect of Reaganomics on the American Economy

6 Shocking Ways Conservatives Helped Cause the Economic Destruction of America

The anti-government, pro-corporate-rule Reagan Revolution screwed a lot of things up for regular people and for the country.

June 20, 2010 |

It seems that you can look at a chart of almost anything and right around 1981 or soon after you'll see the chart make a sharp change in direction, and probably not in a good way. And I really do mean almost anything, from economics to trade to infrastructure to ... well almost anything. I spent some time looking for charts of things, and here are just a few examples. In each of the charts below look for the year 1981, when Reagan took office.

Conservative policies transformed the United States from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation in just a few years, and it has only gotten worse since then:

Working people's


of the benefits from increased productivity took a sudden turn down:

The Rest: http://www.alternet.org/story/147262/6_shocking_ways_conservatives_helped_cause_the_economic_destruction_of_america?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=alternet

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