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Mr. Scorpio

Mr. Scorpio's Journal
Mr. Scorpio's Journal
October 31, 2020

Four more days! Four more days! Can I get a chant?

Yes, technically Trump would lose and still stick around as a lame duck until Joe is inaugurated for longer than four days, but hell, let’s liven it up around here.

Four more days!

Four more days!

Four more days!

October 31, 2020

Halloween Is HERE!!!

Here's a streaming soundtrack fill your Wonderful Halloween with Halloweeny Goodness!

October 31, 2020

Time to announce the winner of the 14th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Arisen from his grave in South Cakalaka at the toll of the Halloween Midnight bell, we now present the rotting and desiccated corpse of The Late H. Lee Atwater…

"Good Eeeevenging, to those you who are still in the land of the living. Welcome to this celebration of Right Wing Eeeevil. Let's get this over with, so I can go back to moldering and rotting in my grave, shall we?

"You breathers have spoken... With a grand total of 26 of your votes, from my cold, dead hands, this year's the Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil goes to a man that scares even me, and I'm DEAD, that effervescent example of the banality of EEEEEvil, Stephen "Junior Goebbels" Miller. Dah horrah, dah horrah.

"It is also my esteemed displeasure to give the Seventh Annual Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney Lifetime Achievement Award for Right Wing Evil, to one "Leningrad" Lindsey Graham," for betraying his pre-Trump lifetime of service to the nation, albeit as a partisan Republican, to engage in outright treasonous activities that betray our national security in behalf of our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Twitter Turns on Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'Traitorous Trump Lapdog'

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has always been a staunch conservative, but he was once one of the few prominent Republicans who’d stand up to Donald Trump. Now he’s gone from calling Trump “unfit for office” to being, as a new Twitter hashtag puts it, a “lapdog” for the president and his family.

His “latest lackeying,” as Jill Filipovic notes in an online commentary for CNN, was to advise Donald Trump Jr. to ignore a subpoena calling him to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Russian meddling in the 2016 election. If Trump Jr. does testify, he added, he should invoke his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination so he wouldn’t have to answer questions. Now Trump Jr. has agreed to testify, but the damage to Graham’s reputation remains. Democrats are optimistic about a serious challenge to him in the 2020 election, with the most likely Dem candidate being party activist Jaime Harrison.

The “ever more obsequious” senator (again, hat tip to Filipovic) is getting called out widely on Twitter.











One of Lindsey Graham’s biggest backers explains why he gave up on the GOP senator

In an op-ed published in the Greenville News this Sunday, a former backer of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) explained why he no longer supports Graham and has instead endorsed his opponent for the U.S. Senate.

“I supported Lindsey Graham until 2017,” ex-Michelin North America chairman Richard Wilkerson writes. “I saw him as a moderate Republican who could work across the aisle to get positive change made. But I started having real misgivings about him when he failed to mount any significant defense when Donald Trump attacked his best friend, the late Sen. John McCain.”

“What is the character of a man who will not defend his best friend? If he won’t defend John McCain, why would I expect him to defend any of us in South Carolina?” Wilkerson asked himself. The only conclusion he could come to was that Graham was more interested in “currying favor than in honoring the memory of a true American hero whom he had described as his best friend.”

When it comes to the hyper-political divide between Republicans and Democrats, “Graham was a leader of this divisiveness,” Wilkerson contends.


"I will now retire once again to my clammy grave until this time next year. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, all of you breathers!"

October 31, 2020

Make sure to get your votes in for the Right Wing Evil Award!


The announcement happens at Midnight East Coast Time!
October 31, 2020

Halloween Is Coming! #150

October 31, 2020

Halloween Is Coming! #149

October 31, 2020

Halloween Is Coming! #148

October 31, 2020

Halloween Is Coming! #147

October 31, 2020

Halloween Is Coming! #146

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