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And even if none of this passes in 8 years,

and I know most of it won't, I would at least know we'd have an honest presdient making decisions every day thinking about people like me and not continuing to stack the deck in favor of the wealthy.

If by some miracle there is progress on one of these fronts, that's still FAR better than what any other candidate is shooting for. So my choice is clear.

Now that the public knows what's possible, I think we will get there someday. I might not live to see it, but future generations will. But if you attempt only what you know you can achieve, you have compromised before you begin.

Bernie has changed the conversation, completely. Have you noticed these Republicans talking about poverty and wealth inequality? That's not by choice!

MLK never delivered on a color-blind society.

Does that mean he had bad character?

FFS, these are statements of belief that speak to the candidate's priorities. Even if NONE of the policies he advocates are implemented in my lifetime, I know we would at least have a president who places my interests above those of big donors. I trust his decision-making process more than that of any other candidate I have ever seen.

When will people learn

YOUR religion applies to YOU. MY religion applies to ME. Speak your mind all you want, but don't be surprised when other people speak back. If you legislate morality, you will no longer have morality but obedience and there is a huge difference. As Steiner put it, "a virtue practiced under constraint is futile."

People should be able to think, speak and act however they want, provided they are not hurting anyone else which is exactly what this bill would do. Glad McCauliffe is likely to veto.
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