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I was worried about her, and I'll admit I was wrong.

I always liked her personally. Most of my fear was coming from her endorsement/promotion by Randy Credico, who is a close ally of Roger Stone the Ratfucker. That was coupled with her calls and work to primary established Democrats, so taken as a pair it suggested she might be a plant.

Now I see that Credico has essentially flipped for Mueller and has harshly criticized Trump on Twitter. Also, now that AOC has stopped trying to primary Dems and has turned her guns to Republicans, I like her a lot more.

It’s good to be on your guard and know who you’re dealing with, but in this case my fears were overblown. I now think she’s a good asset for us. She sounds a lot like Bernie but without being Bernie, you know?

It's Treason Season!

December is going to be a wild month. For starters:

Tue., Dec. 4: Michael Flynn's Sentencing Memorandum will be filed by Mueller.
Flynn has been cooperating for months, but will it be enough? Mueller may take this opportunity release relevant facts to the public if he chooses.

also Dec 4: Jeffrey Epstein civil trial in Palm Beach, Fla.
Victims get a day in court to challenge Epstein’s light sentence. Dershowitz was just accused of statutory rape. There are rumors that Trump also enjoyed Epstein’s underage girls. Worth keeping an eye on.

Wed., Dec. 5: Michael Cohen's Sentencing memorandum expected to be filed
Another opportunity for Mueller to release more facts if he chooses, a week before Cohen’s sentencing.

also Dec 5: Treason hearing for Viktor Yanukovych, District Court, Kiev, Ukraine

Thu., Dec. 6: USAO DC Mariia Butina next hearing
Butina is trying to get a reduced sentence. Does Mueller need her cooperation? Would he trust her if he got it? Unlikely on both counts, IMO.

Fri., Dec 7: Mueller expected to detail Manafort’s crimes & lies in a memo
This is the one to watch. I get the sense that Mueller doesn’t appreciate being lied to, or have a lot of patience for traitors. Expect a full accounting.

Wed., Dec 12: USAO SDNY Michael Cohen sentencing

Fri., Dec 14: SCO “Unknown witness” oral arguments
Yes, really: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/the-case-of-muellers-mystery-nemesis-is-picking-up-serious-steam/

Tue., Dec 18: SCO Michael Flynn sentencing

Mark your calendars and buckle up!


More background: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/buckle-up-next-week-is-going-to-be-a-busy-one-for-robert-mueller/

(This is an update/expansion of a previous thread: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211494058)
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