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Purveyor's Journal
Purveyor's Journal
April 7, 2012

U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran

Source: New York Times

Published: April 7, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration and its European allies plan to open new negotiations with Iran by demanding the immediate closing and ultimate dismantling of a recently completed nuclear facility deep under a mountain, according to American and European diplomats.

They are also calling for a halt in the production of uranium fuel that is considered just a few steps from bomb-grade, and the shipment of existing stockpiles of that fuel out of the country, the diplomats said.

That negotiating position will be the opening move in what President Obama has called Iran’s “last chance” to resolve its nuclear confrontation with the United Nations and the West diplomatically. The hard-line approach would require the country’s military leadership to give up the Fordo enrichment plant outside the holy city of Qum, and with it a huge investment in the one facility that is most hardened against air attack.

While it is unclear whether the allies would accept anything less than closing and disassembling Fordo, government and outside experts say the terms may be especially difficult for Iran’s leaders to accept when they need to appear strong in the face of political infighting.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/world/middleeast/us-defines-its-demands-for-new-round-of-talks-with-iran.html

defines its 'demands'? Who the fuck do we think we are...really?
April 6, 2012

Israel Blames U.S. for Media Reports About Iran Strategy

Top officials in Israel are charging that national-security leaks coming from the U.S. government are undermining Israel’s military options against Iran. “The problem is the Iranians are certainly paying close attention to these reports,” a senior Israeli official told The Daily Beast. “We are concerned about the leaks and we hope they are not intentional.”

The latest such leak appeared March 28 on Foreign Policy magazine’s website, claiming that Israel had been granted secret access to airbases in Azerbaijan near Iran’s northern border. The piece was sourced to senior U.S. diplomats and military-intelligence officers.

In Washington the article was referred to in a conference call on March 30 between leaders of the American Jewish community and Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough, according to notes of the call provided by a participant in the meeting. The first question McDonough was asked during the meeting was whether the Foreign Policy story was leaked to “undercut Israel.”

McDonough told the Jewish leaders that he personally abhors leaks and that he did not know the sources for the article. He also said he wouldn’t—or couldn’t—confirm the report. “The policy is to press the Iranians, not the Israelis,” McDonough said, according to the notes.



April 6, 2012

Wayne State Walk-Out Challenges Pro-Zionist “Whitewashing” Of Children's Rights Issue

By Nick Meyer
Friday, 04.06.2012, 02:22am

DETROIT — Impassioned chants of “Free, Free Palestine!” and “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation” were heard echoing through the center of Wayne State University's campus yet again on Wednesday, April 4. The chants followed another silent walk-out of a speaking event deemed by a coalition of groups to present a distorted, pro-Zionist-only version of an important issue.

About 70 people conducted the walk-out with the support of the Arab Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine on campus along with Jewish Voice for Peace in Detroit, speaker Brooke Goldstein, who was brought to campus by the Jewish Law Students Association. Goldstein is the founder and director of the Children's Rights Institute, which says it was created to protect the rights of children throughout the globe.

The groups took issue with the speaker in large part because the organization makes no mention the vastly disproportional deaths of Palestinian children and those in the Arab world compared to Israelis, and seems to focus on isolated, dramatized stories of alleged child suicide bombers.

“They fail to mention that Israel has a regimented child soldier program of their own and that they also have teenagers manning checkpoints with assault rifles, for instance,” said attendee Jimmy Johnson.



April 6, 2012

Guest Lineups For The Easter Sunday TV News Shows

Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

ABC's "This Week" — Pastor Rick Warren, founder of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.

NBC's "Meet the Press" — Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio; Reps. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., and Raul Labrador, R-Idaho; William Lori, incoming archbishop of Baltimore; Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the Rev. Billy Graham and founder of AnGeL Ministries.

CBS'"Face the Nation" — Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York; Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Rev. Luis Cortes Jr., president of Esperanza.

CNN's "State of the Union" — Cleaver; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

"Fox News Sunday" — Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich; Sens. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., and Ron Johnson R-Wis.

April 6, 2012

Why We Need an Open Debate on Israel

A Commentary by Jakob Augstein

A great poem it is not. Nor is it a brilliant political analysis. But the brief lines that Günter Grass has published under the title "What Must Be Said" will one day be seen as some of his most influential words. They mark a rupture. It is this one sentence that we will not be able to ignore in the future: "The nuclear power Israel is endangering a world peace that is already fragile."

It is a sentence that has triggered an outcry. Because it is true. Because it is a German, an author, a Nobel laureate who said it. Because it is Günter Grass who said it. And therein lies the breach. And, for that, one should thank Grass. He has taken it upon himself to utter this sentence for all of us. A much-delayed dialogue has begun.

It is a discussion about Israel and whether Israel is preparing a war against Iran, a country whose leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened Israel, referring to it as a "cancer" that must be "wiped off the map." Israel, a country that has been surrounded by enemies for decades, many of whom believe that Israel has no right to exist -- even independent of its policies.

It is a war that could plunge the entire world into the abyss. When a German speaks about such things, Germany must be part of the discussion -- and Germany's historical responsibility.



April 6, 2012

One Dem Candidate Calls Another A ‘Whore’ For AIPAC During Live Debate

Things got heated during a Democratic primary debate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut on Thursday when one candidate told another that he was “whore” over his support of a pro-Israel lobbying group.

“I’m appalled that when I talk about the neoconservatives somehow it’s twisted to be some sort of a racist comment,” long-shot candidate Lee Whitnum said in response to U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy. “This is documented fact. The neoconservative role in the taking down of Iraq [with an] unnecessary war is fact. It’s not opinion.”

“I’m dealing with whore here who sells his soul to AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], who will say anything for the job,” Whitnum explained, pointing towards Murphy and then adding that state Rep. William Tong was “ignorant” for defending him.

“What I would like to propose is a prosecution of settlers here, American settlers, who go to Israel and maim or kill in the Promised Land. Since 2000, 66,000 of the indigenous culture have been killed, many of them by American settlers. This is viewed all over the Middle East and we are hated for this worldwide.”



April 5, 2012

Israel Issued Tenders To Build Hundreds Of New Apartments In Eastern Jerusalem And The West Bank

April 4, 2012

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel issued tenders to build hundreds of new apartments in eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Israel's Construction and Housing Ministry on Tuesday reportedly published tenders for 632 units in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Homa; 180 units in Givat Zeev, located to the north of Jerusalem in the West Bank; and 69 in Katzrin on the Golan Heights.

A ministry spokesman told the French news agency AFP that the tenders are not new, although anti-settlement activists said it was the first time the orders were made public.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he will submit a plan to legalize several West Bank outposts and avoid the demolition of another. At a Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said he asked Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to "find a solution" for the Ulpana neighborhood in Beit El "that would obviate the need for demolition." The government had previously agreed to evacuate the illegal outpost by May.



April 5, 2012

Israel Asks US For $700 Million In Military Aid

Israel has asked the United States for assistance estimated at $700 million in order to produce more Iron Dome and Magic Wand missile and rocket defense batteries, sources told Ynet on Wednesday.

The Iron Dome is designed to intercept rockets fired from a relatively short range, while the Magic Wand intercepts missiles fired from a range of at least 70km, including cruise missiles and missiles with ballistic warheads such as the Squd, Shihab and Sejil.

According to sources privy to the deal, Jerusalem and Washington are currently discussing the aid package, which if approved will allow Israel to equip its defense apparatus with four additional Iron Dome batteries and accelerate the completion of the Magic Wand stem, which is still under development.



April 4, 2012

Iran Says Could Hit U.S. If It Came Under Attack: Paper

Reuters – Tue, 3 Apr, 2012

DUBAI (Reuters) - The United States would not be safe from retaliation if Iran is attacked by Washington, the Iran newspaper quoted a senior Revolutionary Guards commander on Tuesday as saying.

"In the face of any attack, we will have a crushing response. In that case, we will not only act in the boundaries of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, no place in America will be safe from our attacks," Massoud Jazayeri was quoted as saying by the daily.

Iran would not strike any country first, he said.

"America, the Zionists and reactionary Arabs should pay attention that we will seriously confront them wherever the Islamic Republic's interests are threatened," Jazayeri said, according to Iran daily.



April 4, 2012

Egypt Presidential Candidate 'Will Push For Sharia'

By Samer al-Atrush | AFP – 12 minutes ago

The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for Egypt's presidency, Khairat el-Shater, has pledged to press for the implementation of sharia (Islamic law) if elected, a Muslim think tank said on Wednesday.

Shater, whose candidacy for the May election sent political shock waves throughout the post-uprising country, said implementing the sharia was "his first and final goal," said the Legal Authority for Rights and Reform after meeting with him on Tuesday.

Shater, who stepped down as the Brotherhood's deputy leader to run, said "he would work to form a group of scholars to support parliament in achieving that goal," according to a statement on the group's website.

When asked by AFP, a senior official with Shater's campaign did not deny the statement, but clarified that Shater shared his electoral programme with the Brotherhood's political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party.



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