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Gender: Male
Current location: Cleveland Ohio
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 45,558

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Way back last year I had a post about Rob Portman being the VP...

This is the next guy the GOP elites want to put out there.

He is a popular republican in a swing state, Ohio. He is a, relatively speaking, "moderate" who supposedly isn't threatening to independents.

He does have the baggage of being a part of the Bush financial brain trust, as if that isn't an oxymoron of epic purport.

And he can afford to lose while garnering national exposure with Mitt.

He is a stiff, though, not all that natural in front of non known crowds. But that shouldn't hurt him in this age of carefully staged spontaneous events.

He will win reelection in 2014 just because the Ohio Democratic Party is in a habit of picking the worst candidates possible. This isn't the candidates fault, although they are certainly collaborates in this whole mess, but rather the feeling that someone is owed a shot while good solid candidates are banished forever to the wilderness of state agencies or better still, move out of state as soon as possible.

Ohio is a swing state only because there are a whole bunch of democrats scattered around in the states large urban areas. But it's getting harder and harder to field a well funded slate of candidates which is another huge problem for the Democrats here in the Buckeye states.

I know I am taking a while to get to the point but I have to take my mind off of taxes for a minute or I would be going insane. (I prepare tax returns, in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, Rob Portman is going to be one of the serious contenders to run for president in 2016. He will be the first viable presidential candidate, I know I know, but Kucinich never really had a chance, from Ohio since Bob Taft back in the 50's.

He can win the state. He trounced Lee Fisher, the darling of the Cleveland money men. Because of that, I am afraid that these reliable sources of money are going to cry poverty now that Fisher is finally off the stage.

Portman is the prototypical republican candidate. He is principled, for a republican, and he has never wavered on key issues important to the base like straw man extraordinaire, Mitt Romney.

I am saying this here right now: Rob Portman will be the presidential nominee for the republicans in 2016.

The only person I think who is on the scene right now that can beat him is Hillary Clinton.

Have at it, DU....

Adios, back to the task at hand, getting refunds for working folks...

So Pat Boone is hawking those GOVERNMENT INSURED reverse mortgages.

at the same time we have to listen to his ilk telling us that government is too big, big government is incompetent, big government is the paper version of the Anti-Christ...


I guess this is just another example of, to borrow the DU phrase of the day, white privilege.

Boone hates government that extends a hand to poor minorities but wants to make it easier for the overwhelmingly number of Golden Age white people who can take advantage of the Reverse Mortgage.

I know it's a stretch, but it's not any more of a stretch than what the Right Wing trots out each and every day,.
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