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Ilsa's Journal
Ilsa's Journal
October 26, 2023

A couple of weeks ago I met a young man

at the grocery store who turned out to be a refugee from Iran, through Syria and Turkey. Really bright man who spoke English beautifully. He mentioned how happy he was to be here, and called the USA the greatest nation ever. I heartily agreed.

Last night, my fear of guns being used against me or my family in a public place made me want to leave this greatest nation ever. I won't, but I don't always feel safe anymore.

October 18, 2023

Another day go be proud of our President.

I love how he is listening to dozens of people tell their stories as first responders, medical personnel, family of victims. He shakes their hands, offers hugs and hopes they will be blessed and comforted. He has so much heart.

October 6, 2023

So the drug company Glaxo Smith Klein or Pfizer (or both?) has been pushing

their RSV vaccines for seniors over 60 years old, particularly if they have any form of COPD. Problem is, only Medicare Part D (Advantage) pays for it, as far as I can tell, and I don't have Part D. The vaccine can cost as much as $330 at a pharmacy, doctors' office, or County Health Dept.

I have a supplemental policy, but I haven't found out yet if they cover any or all of it.

Anyone know a way to get the vax cheaply?

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Retired nurse professionally, but not personally. Relocated to north Georgia from Tx a few years ago.

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