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Ilsa's Journal
Ilsa's Journal
May 8, 2023

I can't get my Android phone back to Mobile view.

I went to My Account and selected "Mobile" for when reading DU on a mobile phone, but it doesn't switch to mobile.

I've restarted my phone.

I've closed the tab and re-opened it.

I've logged out and logged in again. I can't seem to get back to a mobile view of DU. What am I doing wrong?

May 4, 2023

Suspect in today's shooting in Atlanta is in custody without further


He found a car with keys in it and took it to Cobb County. GDot cameras played a role in identifying him and led to his capture.

May 3, 2023

Active shooter in Midtown, Atlanta GA.

Near Northside Medical on West Peachtree. Dozens of police, SWAT are present. At least one person sent to Grady Hospital (leading trauma center in region).

May 2, 2023

Has anyone watched Season 2 of "The Terror: Infamy"?

The show is an anthology of a generally true event, but told with fiction woven into it, particularly Horror genre.

Season 1 starred Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Ciaran Hinds, etc as British merchant marines looking for the Northwest Passage in 1845. Their two ships get ice bound, and things start going wrong with everything. A very large, vicious creature appears to be hunting them. There is contact with small groups of "Esquimeaux", including a medicine man type of character.

Season 2 was fantastic. It begins on Terminal Island in 1941 with Japanese immigrants and their American-born children. A young Japanese man, Chester, who attends college has a girlfriend, Luz, from Mexico. When everything goes to hell after 12/7/41, the families are shipped off to various internment camps. Luz follows him to the camp. But trouble seems to always pursue Chester. Trouble is in the form of an ancestral spirit chasing Chester, and sometimes possessing people near him, but frequently killing people who get in the spirit's way. The ten episodes cover the family history and cultural supernatural beliefs of both Japanese and Mexican cultures, and immigration issues as well. George Takei is in it and is one of the producers. Lots of subtitles! I highly recommend this series.

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