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Ilsa's Journal
Ilsa's Journal
September 23, 2023

Going through a rough time in life has reminded me of

numerous coping mechanisms I've used in thepast to help me not fall completely apart. One of them is that I have to make myself take care of my hygiene, dress neatly, comfortably, and slightly too nice for the activities of the day ahead. When I do this, I feel better about being in public, asserting myself when necessary, and] looking for joy and ways to help others as I "get out of myself." These are days when I'm happier, even when faced with grief. I dress the way I want to feel.

Maybe senators are innately better at dealing with their professional jobs without needing to look a certain way. But I tend to think most people will behave in a more constrained, prepared, formal manner when they are dressed more formally. How often do DUers make comments on the way Rs are dressed, and how it represents their behavior? Like Trump in that tuxedo, it doesn't fit, he doesn't fit, he looks like a slob, he acts like a slob.

I really don't understand why Fetterman can't at least wear a shirt and sport coat and trousers, and why Schumer won't put a time limit on relaxing the code.

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Retired nurse professionally, but not personally. Relocated to north Georgia from Tx a few years ago.

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