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What would you do? There's this abandoned dog in my neighborhood.

He's been here at least 4 years and I started feeding him from the first. I did have Animal Control set up a huge cage trap in my back yard, but had it removed the next day after one of my cats ended up in it. Anyway, soon found out that others also fed him and we decided he was the neighborhood dog and called him LBD, for Lucky Black Dog.

I was unhappy because he's not neutered and has back leg dew claws that can sometimes grow into the leg. And of course he's had no vaccinations. Over the years, he's hung out with my cats and I have been able to touch him a couple of times.

A couple of weeks ago, LBD was running around with another loose dog and got into trouble. Some say he snapped at them on bikes or walking their small dogs. Animal control has traps set up in my woods and in other parts of the neighborhood and he made the local news.

Well, it was picked up and now is kind of 'international'. The 'Daily Mail' calls him the 'craftiest stray dog' in the world, having escaped capture over 92 times and including actually being shot with a tranquilizer dart.


This is my LBD! I'm terrified that somebody will now poison him or shoot him (both illegal)! I am in direct contact with Animal Control and have allowed free use of my 2 acre woods for attempts to get LBD. We have signed agreements that he will be turned over to an animal rehabilitator and he will be moved from his 'turf'.

Anybody have any ideas on how I can get this dog off the streets and safe?

Posted by sinkingfeeling | Thu Jul 11, 2013, 02:53 PM (13 replies)
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