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ewagner's Journal
ewagner's Journal
July 29, 2016

Historic times in more ways than one...

True. Electing Hillary will be a historic moment for our country...but there is another, perhaps more subtle piece of history that can be written.

Bluntly, we have an opportunity that has eluded us for over 30 years. Since Ronald Reagan and the neocons took control of the Republican Party, our country has been plagued (yes, I deliberately used that word) by conservative policies that have slowly but surely destroyed the middle class, devastated our industries and ruined our health. For the first time in 30 years we have a chance to take not only the Presidency, but also majority control of the U. S. Senate and to put a serious dent in the Republican strangle-hold in the House of Representatives.

We have Donald Trump to thank for this opportunity.

The stench of the Trump campaign may in fact be enough for us to overcome the horrible consequences of 31 (I think that's right) Republican Governors gerrymandering state to make house districts safe for Republicans and to assure what Karl Rove called "a permanent Republican Majority".

But we need to be smart and work hard to make that happen. Even in the most terribly gerrymandered House districts we need to make sure there is opposition to the Republican incumbent (e.g. don't "write off" any district) and then tie Trump around the incumbent's neck like an albatross and make them wear it right up through election day.

If we can turn around the 30 years of Republican majorities, we can put America back on the right track...and that will be as historic for us as the "Reagan Revolution" was to the Republicans.

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