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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,830

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Say It Out Loud: Vendepatria

I am a Texas-born-and-raised non-Floridian Anglo. Like many Democrats, I am disturbed by the lack of voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

Despite my unease, I think at least some folks at Bidenís campaign headquarters are trying. Comparing Donnie to the long, Sorry line of Latin-American strongmen was a clever move that I doubt previous campaigns ever thought of (itís also a valid comparison, BTW).

Still, I think there is one more issue that Democrats and progressives ought to use when appealing to Latino voters: Donnie is a Vendepatria.

I donít doubt that most American-born Latinos are as fiercely patriotic as Bubba and Becky Lou. So are naturalized Latino immigrants. All of us put love of country first and ferociously oppose handing it over to greed heads and foreign interests. We all agree on country first.

Does Donald Trump. I donít think he does, and itís a point we should also hammer home. They might not understand it at Mer a Lago, but the rest of us do.

Letís not pull our punches.

Edit: Vendepatria means seller (out) of the homeland.

I'd say Donnie's party is closer to Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist Party

than it is to the old Soviet Unionís Communist Party. But itís not a fashionable thing for an American observer to say anywhere on the American political spectrum.

Still A Shining City On A Hill? Is A Powerful Ad

One that ought to give a hard jolt to at least some of the Republicans and Independents whoíve reflexively voted Republican over the years.

Yeah, yeah, Iíve heard progressives stand up and growl when they see or hear video of Ronald Wilson Whatís-his-name (You know, the guy who narrated Death Valley Days) appears on the screen. This is all well and good, it shows your progressive principles and all, BUT

For gosh sakes, people, that ad isnít written to target us. That ad is written for right-wingers who are still capable of partially overcoming cognitive dissonance and who still try to practice at least some compassion.

That ad probably wonít click with the majority of Trumpies. OTOH, it can very well peel away enough Republican voters for decency to win in November.

The Trumpie version of Deadheads

Except that the risks of going to see Jerry Garciaís band were far less. OK, you might get busted for grass (or run out), your tickets might be bogus, you might get sunburn (if the concert was held outside during daylight), you MIGHT get Mono (if you encountered the right fellow-deadhead), but you didnít risk catching an airborne virus that could kill ya.

Considering how the Incumbent Insane Clown Posse is so forthcoming

Old-style Kremlinology may be the only resource weíll have for determine Orange Juliusí real state of health. If. Father Pence is seen entering the WH with a tape measure, we might be able to guess that change might be afoot.

Tricky Dick was able to parlay the 1968 riots into political capital

The US was majority-white back in 1968, and despite the racial and economic divisions of the time, most voters thought that things were fundamentally pretty good and that the politicians had their interests at heart, even if the righties of the time thought they were too left-wing and airy-fairy.

Also, love him or hate him, Richard Nixon was a far cleverer politician than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fast-forward to 2020. The country isnít so white anymore, the good times are over, most people are scared about their future, and most people realize that Donald Trump doesnít give a ratís rump about them.

If Ann Coulter is so worked up about undocumented labor

supposedly taking away American jobs, she should get off her privileged white backside and use her back and hands to bring in the harvest from the fields and orchards.

Nor just for just an hour or two, not just for one dayóTHE WHOLE BLAMED SEASON.

The Republican Party: The Adults Have Left The Room

During the last decade or so of the Cold War, I voted for Republican Presidential candidates. I hated doing it and I could already see the Republicans moving away from centrist sanity on domestic policy, but they did seem to have the edge on foreign policy and the military.

After eight years of Dubya and nearly three and a half years of Individual One, that pool of expertise and the Republicansí willingness to use it is done, finished, ended, and gone, gone.

Ending the Open Skies agreement is yet another sign of how things have shifted to the worse.

Anybody who thinks that the Republican Party still can manage foreign policy and military affairs is either woefully uninformed, self-blinded, or so blinded by prejudice and ideology that they have become willing dupes of unfriendly foreign powers.

Red Earth Daughter is far more of an American than no. 45

could ever hope to be.

(Seriously, Senator Warrenís speech still reflect her Oklahoman upbringing and her Middle American credentials in a way that the scammer in the White House couldnít hope to match on his best day).

Will Good Old Joe Biden Be Running Against Mike Pence?

We may find out this summer.

One of my quirky personal beliefs is that I have a (usually unreliable) sixth sense. I donít cause things, I just report them. But check back here around mid-July.
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