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Had the camera not been there, would he be apologizing for saying that?

No. What if someone there made it public that he said that, but didn't have a videotape of him? Would he be calling that person a liar and playing the victim role for all it's worth? You damb straight he would be.

Because he thought he was safe when he said it. Had it ever crossed his mind that his kind of thinking would be offensive would mean that he was already capable of understanding what life is like for people who do not live in the same socio-economic class as himself; or people who leave their loved ones to go fight overseas for our country; or seniors who have paid into social security by working their whole damb lives. The fact of the matter is: it has never crossed his mind until his tit was in the wringer.

Those people in that video hold the same viewpoint as he does. None of them flinched or conveyed one iota of rejecting what mittiot was saying. They gave mittiot a safe place to express exactly what mittiot thinks and mittiot took advantage of that environment; he was finally was caught in a moment of candor, revealing who he really is.

"A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways" and mittiot is a walking, breathing example of that one line in the new testament to be true.

Mittiot fashioned his own noose last night

that's what Obama was letting him do.

Mittiot tacked so far to the middle that he basically said "I'm keeping Obamacare". His surrogates are now going to be tied up unravelling that and dragging mittiot's message back to the right.

Don't fool yourself or be all caught up on the shiny, bright, sparkly stuff here: Obama allowed mittiot to dig the hole he's going to fall into in the next debate. The guy is on the record now with his centrist policies--do you honestly think that once all the sparkle of this night is gone and in the cold, sober morning light he's not going to have to do a huge amount of damage control to keep his lunatic fringe base and their votes in line?

Also, we got a glimpse of the demeanor of the scissor wielding fiend who held down that gay student and cut off his hair in the way in which he disrespected Jim Lehrer--and Lehrer's allowing him to get away with it is a totally other rant. We got to see how he will negotiate with foreign leaders--and he came across as an overly boorish, entitled, selfish, wealthy asshole.

With regard to Obama's demeanor: he flew into Denver at 2p yesterday. Denver has very thin air--it takes some time for the body to acclimate to it. Mittiot had been there the day before, so he had well over 24 hours to acclimate to it. Football teams don't fly in the day of the game and play there. Also, if Obama had come out swinging like everyone wanted him to, all of the talk today would have been about the scary black man beating up on the poor old white guy and no amount of substance in what Obama said would have gotten through that veil of stupidity.

I believe that Obama let mittiot fashion the noose he will put around his own neck with the next two presidential debates.
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