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Member since: Sun Oct 12, 2003, 07:54 PM
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Yes, please.

Eight dogs in my 72 years. All have passed at home. Iím lucky enough to have a place where theyíve been able to rest in a favorite spot, and a vet they know and trust. They all passed in my arms, looking into my eyes, and the vet has permitted me to push the syringe plunger. Itís the last act of love and care Iíve been allowed to give them.

Making that call for my dogs is my duty and my privilege.

As to a Ďnaturalí death as opposed to helping them pass: I hope that when my Parkinsonís Disease reaches the stage where I no longer find my life worthwhile that I live someplace where I can make my own choice. If I canít make that decision, then I beg that my loved ones will be allowed to make the call for me.

Stop whining. Bob did his job, now Congress should do it's job.

I have little patience and less agreement with my fellow progressives who are gnashing their teeth about Muellerís testimony today. Heís exactly what Iíve said he is: a Marine combat veteran, a prosecutor, and a career FBI guy. He is, without question, a man of rectitude. The Republicans attempting to impugn his motives or performance need to check the ststus of their souls.

ĎRectitudeí carries many implications. Along with honesty, integrity, and forthrightness come implications of staying between the lines and following procedures. He did his job. He expects the House to do *its* job.

Bring impeachment articles to the House floor. Let the Senate try it. It seems, right now, that the Republican Senate majority will fail utterly to behave with anything like rectitude. At least make them do it in public.

Expectations for Mueller's Testimony

Many people are looking forward to this weekís testimony from Robert Mueller III. Some suggest that anything less than a fire breathing indictment of DJT and the GOP will be a failure on his part. I disagree. If we canít find a way out of the bind weíre in then itís not one manís failure, itís the failure of our system of government.

I returned to electoral politics after a stint in the very far left. Very far, way outside of most folks experience. I came to believe that changes to our government, society, and culture could be accomplished with the framework provided by our constitution and the laws that descend from it. Robert Mueller is an exemplar of the kind of a person who should make the system work. He did his job as required by a belief that the system works. If he was wrong Iím worried.

Iíve long since ditched my revolutionary wardrobe; both physically and intellectually. I donít think Iíd pick it back up again. (For one thing, Iím just to old. ?

Still, Iím worried.

One possible reason R's are trying to ram Kavanaugh through

Gamble vs. United States


Source citations for Clinton's speech

I'm using the Big Dawg's speech as a framework for training local Democrats in advocating effectively on some of the issues we face this year. While I don't agree enthusiastically with all of his agenda from years gone by, that speech was a humdinger, and seriously quotable. It would be helpful (in some cases critical) to have impeccable sourcing for the facts he quotes. I'm working on an annotated version of the speech but all I have is the prepared text and, lord knows, that misses some of the best stuff.

1) Does anyone have a source for a well-edited transcript of the speech? One with the nouns and verbs agreeing and the sentences coming to coherent ends. That is in NO WAY a criticism of the speech! Just a recognition that impassioned rhetoric doesn't always scan well when read verbatim.

2) Are there any references of the type I'm working on already floating around? I'd rather not reinvent any wheels.

3) Please post your favorite points from the speech with what you consider the best citation(s) to back them up.

If I can get this tied up in a sufficiently neat package I'll post it somewhere for general availability.

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