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Crunchy Frog

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Name: Debbie Downer
Gender: Female
Home country: A republic if we can keep it.
Member since: Sun Oct 26, 2003, 04:06 AM
Number of posts: 25,074

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If I don't respond to your post I may have you on ignore, or simply be ignoring you.

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They're engaged in bioterrorism. The moral equivalent of suicide bombers.

That's what the Republicans are doing to this country.

At some point there should be some limit on how many unvaxxed Covid patients are allowed in hospitals. They're holding everyone else hostage.

Covid has shown that the "feared for their lives" claim is completely bogus.

If they were genuinely afraid of dying, they would get vaccinated, and I'd be willing to bet that there's a strong correlation between cops who use excessive force, and cops who refuse vaccination.

It really is all about outsized aggression, needing to dominate other people, and fear of being disrespected or dominated by anyone else. (I believe that submitting to vaccination is seen as submitting to someone else's authority, and that's why it's so feared.)

The old excuses will never cut it with me again.

Graphic video. Anti vaxxer dies of Covid and orphans 5 kids, on TikTok.


Scroll down for video compilation.

Post #17 in the thread linked below.


It's what this current thread is in response to, I'm pretty sure.

The GOP is waging biological warfare against the United States.

The dying rubes are the cannon fodder.

That's the bottom line.

Hermain Cain Awards having a positive impact. Influencing hesitant to go ahead and get the shot.

I've been lurking a lot on this Reddit board. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/

Lately I've begun seeing posts by vaccine hesitant people who have who have decided to get the shots after reading the accounts there. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/ppnri6/declining_my_award/

For all the people scolding about how counterproductive "death shaming" is, it appears to be having a genuine positive influence on some people. It seems to be acting like a vaccine equivalent of "Scared Straight".

And even now, they are not all beyond reach.

Our Catholic hospital here tried to kill my mother's SO,

who had Alzheimers, when he was there with pneumonia. He was costing the Catholic run care program more than they were getting for him from the government.

The program then put heavy pressure on her to sign a DNR when she wasn't ready to, and also to just let him die instead of going to the hospital the next time he got pneumonia.

I don't count on Catholic run hospitals or other health programs to be more concerned about "life" than they are about money.

I'm going to wait and see how this situation develops.
Posted by Crunchy Frog | Wed Sep 8, 2021, 12:15 AM (2 replies)

Herman Cain Award.


Another perspective on this. Nurses getting abused and threatened by covidiots.

Nurses quitting due to "compassion fatigue" when dealing with those who are sick by choice. There is absolutely no other comparable situation in this country's history that I know of.

The surreal lives of Arkansas nurses fighting Covid-19 inside the hospital and denial on the outside

Video is called: Nurse explains why she doesn't like the term 'healthcare hero'

"Nurses were really the symbol for this pandemic and all of the hate was centered around us -- the hate, the fear, the respect, all of it," Sunny said. A lot of nurses have PTSD from 2020, she said, "And now we're having people come in and look us in the face and be like, 'No I didn't get the vaccine, and now I'm sick."

No, I'm not suggesting that patients should be turned away, but when people see or hear about this kind of shit, I find the sentiment to be understandable. And if too many healthcare workers quit because of burnout or compassion fatigue, or just sick of the bullshit, it's a guarantee that patients WILL be turned away, though it probably won't be the ones who deserve it.

It doesn't surprise me. My mother just spoke with an old friend.

She and her husband and her elderly mother all got it, and were all fully vaxxed. The mother got extremely sick, and was hospitalized, I believe in the ICU, though she fortunately survived.

All the real world evidence that I've seen suggests that Delta is highly transmissable, even to vaccinated people.

Everyone can do what they want, but I personally feel like not masking, at this point, is insane.
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